The End of the First Twit-Knit Project


On the Fourth of July, while Americans everywhere were celebrating something that I'm not really sure what it is but I've heard is very important, we knitters were celebrating the end of the first Twit-Knit Project! I have to say I was a little nervous about the deadline as I thought that maybe I had built it all up in my imagination and no one was actually doing Twit-Knit. I quickly googled 'knitted patch-work blankets' so I could post pictures of ones I found on google if no one sent me any. But no! To my delight and surprise everyone had done an INCREDIBLE job! People can be very criticial of things on twitter and you get a lot of people being mean and saying bad things but it is the things like Twit-Knit that remind me just what twitter can be for and just how amazing it can be.

We may only be a small group at the moment but have no fear! Twit-Knit will continue. So if you want to take part please just tweet me here and Twit-Knit Club would be happy to have you. And if you are already in the club, send me any suggestions you have for our next project!

Here are the amazing finished (well most of them) Twit-Knit Blankets.

by @bakebakegirl

by @jobo501

by @kateeroberts

by @mhairigirl

by @nic361

by @ninariley

by @thenose123

by @vicksG

by me!!

I hope you enjoy looking at everyones amazing work!

Love Scarlett.

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