Twit Knit Club Project 2 - Toys

After the HUGE succes of the first Twit-Knit project we have decided to launch project number 2. After much discussion on twitter there is a general agreement to go with Toys.

This is how it will work.

- Pick a pattern for a toy that you want to do and that you feel suits your personal knitting ability. Toys are very popular in the knitting world and there are thousands of patterns out there for you to choose from. Two of my favourite toy pattern designers are Rebecca Danger and Mochimochi Land and each pattern only costs about £4. However if you don't fancy buying a pattern there are lots of great free ones under 'Softies' on Ravelry

- Try to start your pattern sometime this week and then make sure you tweet your progress on twitter and tell everyone how you are getting along with your project. Using the hashtag #twitknitclub on twitter will mean that everyone taking part in the club can see how your doing.

- Once we have all begun our projects we can decide roughly how long we think it's going to take and then decide on a deadline.

Remember to TWEET ME and tell me what pattern you have decided on.

I think this is going to be a really fun project and I'm off to start looking for a pattern.

Good luck!

Love Scarlett.

P.S. For any Twit-Knit Club members who are also Harry Potter fans (which you should all be in my personal opinion) - I was re-reading The Half-Blooded Prince and found this quote from Dumbledore right at the begginning:

"No, I was merely reading the Muggle magazines," said Dumbledore. "I do love knitting patterns."

Pretty amazing if you ask me. I'm sure he would be an avid member of the club.


  1. Hi

    That sounds a fab idea my Mum (80) has loads of patterns for clowns and toys and as I am recently a grandma I shall knit something for my grandson Ethan.

    Btw my friend sent me a link to a knitting social media site - it has loads of patterns and is like facebook for knitters - I joined today think I may have to translate some patterns as the knitting needle sizes are different in the US - see what you think
    (love the puppy - I'm a cat person too but had dogs growing up) is the knitting site.

  2. I'm knitting Shaun the Sheep from Wallace and Gromit. My work knitting circle is helping show me the hard bits, as I am only a beginner really! I'll tweet you.


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