Knit Relief has Begun

I am EXTREMELY excited to announce that Knit Relief has officially begun! YAY! We have so many amazing things on offer and it would be so amazing if you could bid on anything. You can access the Knit Relief eBay page HERE

To make Knit Relief go as amazing as I know it could be we all have to keep tweeting, blogging, facebooking emailing the link to the page to encourage as many people as possible to bid!

Every penny we make will go straight to Sport Relief. You may think that bidding on a knitted toy isn't going to change anything but here are just a few of the things that Sport Relief can do with your money: 

£5 - could buy new clothes for a child living or working on the streets of Nepal.

£10 - could give expert advice and guidance to a person living with dementai in the UK, and their carer, to improve their quality of life. 

£50 - could feed 100 vulnerable street children in India for one whole day. 

So even if you don't think you can make a difference you really can and Knit Relief can be the way that you make that difference!

I'm going to be doing a special 'Items of the Day' post every day until the end of Knit Relief so keep checking back here to see more of our amazing stuff.

Love Scarlett 

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