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Lena Dunham and The Lexi Cinema

I wanted to write a blog about a very interesting evening I had the other day. To most people it wouldn't seem too exciting, it was just a trip to the cinema. But it was a trip to a truly extraordinary cinema and to see a truly incredible film. So I thought it deserved a blog. 

The cinema was a little cinema in North-West London called the Lexi and it was my first time there. This is how the Lexi describes itself:

The UK’s first social enterprise independent boutique digital cinema – that ticks quite a few boxes, doesn’t it? We donate 100% of our profits to charity and are staffed predominantly by passionate local volunteers. We like to think we’re improving the quality of life for everyone in our little corner of northwest London and at the same time making a difference to the quality of life for a very different community on the other side of the world.

That's right, it's a beautiful independent cinema showing all your favourite films that donates 100% of it's profits to charity! When we found out we couldn't believe it. Especially because it was one of the nicest cinema's I have ever been in. The building is absolutely beautiful and it's filled with friendly people. The cinema is just the right size and filled with very comfy seats and there is a bar at the back that sells drinks, snacks and has a girl with a bow in her hair at the till. I mean what more could you want! As I said it was my first time there but I am definitely going back! You can read more about the Lexi here on their website. 

Now, onto the film itself. As I'm sure you've already guessed the film was Tiny Furniture starring/written by/directed by the amazing Lena Dunham. Now, I've wanted to see this film for SO LONG. I mean I've wanted to see this film for so long it's actually becoming hard to remember a time in my life when I didn't want to see this film. So when I heard it was being released in the UK I was jumping for joy. And then, the dreadfulest thing happened... I forgot. That's right. I missed it. I'd been waiting all this time and then I missed it. As you can imagine I was heartbroken. I was going to have a wait a whole month before it came out on DVD and was severely upset. And then we drove past the Lexi... and I saw a poster for it outside... and it was on there... the last cinema in the whole of London showing Tiny Furniture was 5 minutes away from my house!! It was amazing. 

I don't know if you've picked up on this yet, but by the time the film started, I was pretty excited. And believe it or not but it was better than I had hoped! It feels like Lena Dunham is pretty much all anyone can talk about in America at the moment but due to messed up TV and movie schedules she is not as famous as she should be here yet. But oh my god she's so amazing. This film is funny, moving, original and strange all at the same time and I have already added her to my list of role models. She's proof that you are never ever too young to do something (that's kind of the theme of this blog) no matter what anyone says and she is someone who I think will be very amazing for the rest of  her life. If you missed this film in the cinema I would really recommend getting it on DVD because it's very very good.

Okay I'm finished with my late night rant and I'm off to bed. Have an amazing week!
Love Scarlett x


Knitting Cupcakes

Hey. I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday and enjoying this awesome weather (I love the rain, it's perfect knitting weather.) What I am about to show you is probably one of my favourite things I have ever made in my life... KNITTING CUPCAKES!

That's right! I have come up with a recipe that mixes the two best things in the world world, no I'm not talking about Greys Anatomy and Ryan Gosling, I'm talking about knitting and cupcakes! To find out how to make these lovely cakes head over to Hello Giggles NOW!

Have a great week,
Scarlett x


Did You Make That? Pyjama Party

As you already know, Did You Make That? is one of my all time favourite blogs and for the past few weeks Karen has been doing something truly amazing on her already amazing blog. She has been hosting an online Pyjama Party (the best kind of party) and encouraging the readers of her blog to sew there very own pair of pyjamas! I really wanted to join in but I think it would have meant I did 0 hours of revision a day so I have just been reading about it and dreaming of making my own one day. You can read all about the project here

Although I didn't get to make my own pair I was very kindly asked by Karen to do a special post for the day of the actual Pyjama Party and the exciting news is that that day is TODAY! My post is up now and it's a recipe for some very yummy Py-jammy dodgers (which are bascially just Jammy Dodgers but shh! don't tell) so head over to Did You Make That NOW and have  a look at all the amazing things Karen has been doing as well as my recipe. You can find the recipe by clicking HERE!  

Have a lovely weekend,
Scarlett x


Mr Kate D.I.Y. Kawaii iPhone Case

For anyone who isn't familiar with Mr Kate she is one of my all-time favourite lifestyle bloggers and also an amazing writer for Hello Giggles. When I saw her D.I.Y for these awesome phone cases I knew I had to give it a try and I'm afraid it's launched a bit of an obsession. I've made 2 so far and my mum has made 1 and you can find the full Mr Kate tutorial here and the video here:

Mr Kate recommends using Silicone Caulk which obviously works very well but I couldn't manage to find. Or if I did find it I couldn't figure out what it was! Instead I searched on Etsy and found this brilliant thing called Whipped Cream Clay. Now it sounds pretty freak but it's basically frosting, but made of clay. It comes in an icing bag like you would use to decorate a cupcake and you just swirl it all over your phone and then wait for it to dry. It's really cheep and if your as scared of the silicone as I was I can seriously recommend it. 

Your Decoden iPhone Case Shopping List:

Okay so that's about £6 for the whole case which is kind of awesome. I mean some of these cases can cost up to £40 and there not even homemade! So here are the cases me and my mum have been making:

This is my food themed one which I covered in all things yummy! The only problem is it makes you seriously hungry every time you send a text. 

This is my mums, she wanted to make one she could keep in her back pocket so she smoothed her icing flat and stuck lots of pretty bows in it. 

And this is my flowery one, I think this is my favourite. 

Remember to head over to Mr Kate if you want to learn how to make one of these awesome cases and I hope you have a lovely Tuesday.

Love Scarlett. 


Teen Granny on Tumblr

I've had Tumblr for a while but have only been using it so far for stalking people I like (cough Zooey Deschanel cough) and re-blogging the occasional Jennifer Lawrence snap. But I've been thinking for a while that it would be a good idea to start putting links to posts I do on this blog onto my tumblr. Anyway this weekend I was trying not to revise so decided to finally set it up. 

So anyway here it is and if you want to follow me you can HERE. It's not going to be very different from this blog but hopefully it will get a few more Teen Grannys joining in with this online craft-fest. You can also use my tumblr to ask me any crafty or baking questions on your mind! 

Happy Sunday.
Love Scarlett x


D.I.Y. Chocolate Dipped Cupcakes

That's right people, you heard me, chocolate. dipped. cupcakes. They're amazing, they're delicious and they're super duper easy. So head over to Hello Giggles NOW to find out how to make them. 

Happy Weekend. 
Love Scarlett

Happy Birthday to The Queen

How awesome is this picture... I like wearing blue too.


Click On This List

1. This Mod Eye Makeup D.I.Y from Rookie Magazine. 

2. This awesome knitting cake. 

3. These knitted credit cards. 

4. This Frozen Yogurt Bites Recipe from Miss Indie

5. This Picture

6. Jennifer Lawrence getting her THAT IS MAHOGANY on. 

7. This Ryan Gosling 'Hey Girl' Picture

8. The two most awesome people in the world in the same room.

9. Text From my Dog Tumblr.



Cupcakes: Back to Basics

This post may seem completely useless to some of you but when it comes to baking cupcakes I find I so often stumble at the first step. I decide I want to make and decorate some cupcakes and even though I know all I want to bake is the simplest of cakes and frosting's I find myself spending hours googling, wondering whether I want vanilla or lemon, chocolate frosting or cream cheese icing, in the end I usually just give up from all the options and go watch Greys Anatomy. So, mostly to help me out, but hopefully to help some other people with the same problem, here is the most basic cupcake recipe and the most basic frosting recipe in the world. Enjoy! 

The Most Basic Cupcake: 

Ingredients (makes 12)
- 125g (4.5oz) of butter softened or cubed
- 125g (4.5oz) of caster sugar
- 125g (4.5oz) of self-raising flour
- 2 eggs
- 2 tablespoons of whole milk
Yummy Additions
- For vanilla - 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
- For chocolate - 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
- For lemon - the zest of one lemon

- Preheat the oven to 190 degree Celsius (375 degrees Fahrenheit)

1. Beat together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
2. Add the eggs, flour and milk and the chocolate, vanilla or lemon if you choose. Beat until the mixture is smooth.
3. Put the mixture in paper cases and bake until the cakes have risen and a cocktail stick inserted in the middle comes out clean.
4. Standard cakes take 12-15 minutes and mini cakes take 10-12 minutes.
5. Remove cakes from the oven and transfer to a wire cooling rack.

The Most Basic Buttercream Frosting:

Ingredients (makes 12)
- 140g (4oz) of butter softened or cubed
- 280g (10oz) of icing sugar
- 1 tablespoon of milk (if needed)

1. Beat the butter in a large bowl until soft. You can do this by hand or with an electric mixer or wisk.
2. Add half the icing sugar and beat until smooth.
3. Add the remaining icing sugar and beat until smooth and creamy.
4. If the mixture is too thick add the milk.
5. Stir in food colouring or flavouring if needed.


Meet the Altoid Bunnys

Hello! Last year for Easter I knitted everyone in my family an egg cosy and this year I was planning on doing the same thing but left it a little too late and worked out I would have to knit about 2 a day if I wanted to get it done in time (why did my parents have so many children!) so I decided to tackle a small sewing project instead! 

I found this pattern online for some tiny mice that live in Altoid Mint tins and knew I had to have a go at making one. Except for one problem... mice aren't exactly very Eastery. So I decided to change the pattern a little and make some bunnies instead! I used pretty much the same pattern except instead of sewing the mouse ears on once the body is flipped and stuffed I attached long ears at the same time as you attach the arms and in the same style. I was pretty nervous and it was very fiddly but it worked kind of perfectly in the end and they look a lot like bunnies. 

The only problem I came across was not sewing the ears down by mistake which you can see I did with this one (so I kept it for myself!) 

 I ended up making 6 (one for each member of my family) but could only manage to find two for the photos as my brothers are keeping there's on them at all times and my mum's unfortunately ended up in the sweet draw as it was mistaken for a tin of mints. 

As you can see there pretty tiny and pretty cute and I've been keeping mine in it's house in my pencil case during all my exams! If you do feel like making one I would really recommend buying the mouse pattern and just having a go at fiddling with it yourself! 

Love Scarlett. 


Women and Home

Hello! Just in case you missed this months Women in Home (how could you have!), I have some very exciting news which is that me, my mum and my granny all wrote articles in this month's issue. It's not a coincidence that we were all featured this month, in fact we were all writing as part of a piece on redefining the goalposts for what is age appropriate. 

It's SO exciting to see something I have written in a magazine and even weirder to see a picture of me (even if it is the smallest!) In fact I have been casually leaving the magazine around the house open on page 70 in the hope that someone will read it! But so far I think only Posy has, and she preferred chewing it to actually reading it. 

If you do get a chance to pick up a copy of Women and Home and read the articles properly please leave a comment saying what you thought! My piece is all about (surprise surprise) my love of knitting and how it contradicts with the stereotypical views people have of teenagers so hopefully if you are reading this blog and love knitting you will like what I wrote, and if you don't please don't leave a comment!

Have a lovely Tuesday (if that's possible!)


April Photo-A-Day Update

Here are this weeks photos from the April Photo-a-day challenge. I know it's not Sunday but I'm sure it is somewhere in the world...

9. Younger you - this is me when I was little in Bali.

11. Where you ate breakfast - While doing revision, ironically simplifying surds was one of the only questions I skipped out on the mock, I guess I was too busy instagramming and forgot to actually revise...

12. Stairs

13. Something you found - I found this postcard in a newsagent in Southwold and obvs had to buy it!

15. Sunset 

16. Flower - This is one of the fabric flowers I have been making recently, I will blog about them soon.


Some Very Exciting News...

Hello, OK, I have some super exciting news. Next Thursday (once my silly mocks are over) I will be teaching... A KNITTING CLASS! How cool is that! 

The class is going to be for beginners (so children are more than welcome!) and will be taking place at amazing new pop up design shop called (appropriatly) My Pop Up Design Shop! The shop was created by Zoe Brewer and you can email her ( zoe at to book tickets!

I'm SO excited and I think it's going to be so much fun. It's going to be very much for beginners so even if you don't know what a knitting needle is please still come along. There will be beginners knitting packs available at the class as well. Also (if I'm alowed) Posy will be there so that's a whole other reason to come! 

I hope you can come and leave a comment if you are planning too! See you there,
Scarly x


Teacup Lemon Mousse

A few nights ago while we were in the country my mum decided to have a little dinner party and asked me to make the pudding. I was very excited and accepted her offer straight away. If you follow me on twitter you may have seen this picture I posted of my mums immense teacup collection: 

I LOVE teacups and decided to use them in my desert and make lemon mousse in teacups! 

I used THIS Lemon Mousse recipe from BBC Good Food and I couldn't believe how easy it was and how DELICIOUS it was! I don't think I have ever had more compliments and it was my first ever time making mousse!

If you're ever in the mood for a light pudding I would really recommend lemon mousse as it's fun, delicious easy and pretty (that pretty much ticks all the boxes right?).  

I hope you had a lovely Bank Holiday and are enjoying the thunder. Oh and if anyone asks this isn't a blog about Lemon Mousse it's some very intense maths revision!

Love Scarlett. 


April Photo-A-Day Sunday Update

I'm so proud to say that I have kept up with the April Photo-a-day challenge so far and done it every single day! Here are my photos from this week, to find out more about the photo-a-day challenge click here. 

1. Your Reflection - I'm proud to say I have worn these bunny ears every single day of the holidays so far! Pretty impressive huh? 

2. Colour - I have also worn these wellies every single day. 

3. Mail. 

4. Someone who makes you happy - I had never watched The Mary Tyler Moore Show before this week and I have watched a whole series in one week! I'm so obsessed I'm considering just hibernating and never watching anything ever again, except maybe Greys Anatomy.

5. Tiny - This bunny lives in my knitting bag, no one knows how he got there. 

6. Lunch - This is actually pudding and it's chocolate orange mousse which (drumroll please) I invented my own recipe for!! I will be posting some time soon. 

7. Shadow - You can just see the ears poking out the top!

8. Inside your wallet - This little bunny lives in my wallet. We think he's a distant relation of the knitting bag bunny, but we're not really sure. 

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