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The Amazing and Awful 14-Hour Knit.


In case you don’t know already.. I completed my 14-hour knit!! woohoo! I am so proud I did it but mostly so so thankful to everyone who sponsored me! I ended up with a total of nearly £2000! I can’t believe it and it meant so much to me that so many people, even people I don't know, decided to sponsor me! Thank you so so much you are all amazing, incredible people.

I decided to do the knit on the Thursday, the day before Red Nose Day, as I thought it would be a shame to be knitting all through Red Nose Day. I woke up at 7 am and got dressed into my red onezie, red deely boppers, red socks and painted my nose bright red. I then began my 'warm up' which consisted of some hand exercises (to stop my hands literally falling off) and lining up my needles in a nice straight line, I felt very prepared. On the dot of 10 I sat down on my rocking chair, started the timer on my iPod, and began to knit.

(my very messy knitting station)

I had arrange to have a few visitors over the day to try and keep me from getting so bored I poked my eyes out with needles so I had set up a 'guest knitters' scarf for anyone to knit when they came to join me. My mum was my first visitor and so she began to knit the guest scarf (very badly, she is not the best knitter).

(the 7 foot 10 inch finished piece!)

Although I thought that my hands were going to ache by the end of the day I found my hands were fine it was mostly my eyes that started to hurt and I must admit I did start to go a bit crazy, whether it was the 14-hour repetitive action or the 2 litre bottle of Cherryade, by the time my best friend arrived 8 hours in, I was sitting there screaming because I had forgotten how to knit and at one point I told my mum to hide the guest knitters scarf because it was going to be better than mine. Not completely normal behavior I must admit but all I think you can expect from someone who has been staring at wool for 14 hours.

I also managed to watch a few movies which was very fun. I started with Guys and Dolls and LOVED it! I have been singing (to myself of course) the songs from it all week. I also watched American Graffiti which was really interesting and I really liked, and New York, I Love You which I didn't like as much. It's a really cool idea for a film but I'm not sure it worked completely.

Anyway that is my brief account of one of the strangest but most satisfying days of my life and I hope that a lot of you were getting up to a lot of other fun Red Nose Day things.
I haven't been blogging so much recently, mostly because I have been working very hard on the royal wedding and my chickens, but hopefully I will finish William very soon and can blog a picture of that.

Thank you again everyone who sponsored me! I love you!

Love Scarlett


Easter Come Early...

Hello Everyone!

Ok so I know its not exactly easter yet (although its never to early to start eating Malteaster Bunnies) but I have already begun on my easter knitting project! They are basically just an extension of the bunnies and are very easy to knit but I think they look super cute. Especially in their nice new Egg Box House. These are only my first two and I am going to knit a lot because the AMAZING book shop, Lutyens and Rubenstein, that I sometimes help out in has said they will put them in the window over easter and maybe even sell a few (eeeek). I will post more pictures as I extend their family but I wanted to give these two a chance to say hello.

And if you want the pattern just comment and i will send it to you!

Love Scarlett

P.S. Remember to check out Twit Relief and bid on your fave celeb! Check my twitter for the link.


Macaroon Madness.

Hello :)

This weekend me and my friends had a macaroon class! Macaroons are one of my favourite foods in the entire world and although I have tried to make them before, they always go a little bit wrong so I really wanted to know how to make them properly.

The man who came to teach us was from 'The School of Food' ( and he was such an amazing teacher and made it really fun. We made two different types of macaroons - Pistachio (the green ones) and White Chocolate and Raspberry (the pink ones) although it did take a while, its a really fun recipe to make and I think if you do it a few times it would get much easier.The only ingredients are Egg White, Caster Sugar, Ground Almonds and Icing Sugar and although it seems really scary, once you get the hang of it, it's so much fun so I would really recommend giving it a try!

I really want to try making some different coloured ones and all different kinds of flavours. I also thought it would be funny to mix the colours and flavours so you could have rose flavoured ones that were green or chocolate flavoured ones that were pink.

We also made some heart shaped ones which are so cute and would make the perfect present!

Meanwhile the sponsers for my Knit-Athon have been so amazing and thank you so much to everyone who has sponsered me it means so much! I am also knitting some chicks at the moment in preparation for easter and I will blog about them some time this week.

Here are some pictures of the macaroon class...

Love Scarlett x



Its Red Nose Day time again and with only 16 days to go I have decided what I am going to do... on the 17th March I am doing a 14 Hour Knit!!!

I am starting at 10am and knitting NON-STOP until midnight. Luckily I will have about a million movies and some family and friends are going to join me knitting at different points during the day. I will be knitting a very long scarf in multi-coloured wool and I need as many sponsers as possible! The link for my Red Nose Day giving page is

(you need to copy and paste it into your browser because I dont know how to post an official link)

and if you would like to sponser (even if its only a few pounds) me and the bunnies would be SO grateful!

I also need your help! I am going to be getting through a lot of movies so if you have any suggestions for movies I should watch (preferably knitting related), please share the wisdom!

And please tell me if your doing anything for Red Nose Day! I would love to sponser you.

Love Scarlett
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