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There has been much talk over the past few weeks about what the now legendary Twit-Knit Club was going to do for Sport Relief and I think after a lot of pondering (one of my favourite words) on the subject I have decided on something that everyone can contribute too!

On March the 15th (10 days before Sport Relief) The Knit Relief eBay auction is going to begin! It is going to be a place where all Twit-Knit Club members and any other crafty/knitty folk can have the opportunity to auction off their knitting and crafting abilities (even if there not that impressive) to raise money for Sport Relief. You can enter anything into the auction be it a promise to knit a pair of socks in the winners chosen colour or something you have already made, even if it's as small as a knitted bow or a sewn purse.

I am going to auction off two personalised knitted figures (like the one I made of my mum) and we already have a few brilliant things entered into the auction! 

- A hand-made apron from Queen of craft blogging Cherry Menlove herself!

- A pair of socks knitted in your favourite colour from Twit-Knit Club member Emma Pooley (@goldenblades)

- And a hand knitted raincloud from Emma Pooley (@goldenblades)

If you are interested in entering something for the auction (no matter how good you are at knitting/crafting) please send an email to with information about the item you would like to auction and a picture if possible!

I'm so hoping that the Twit-Knit Club members will all get involved and encourage their friends and family's to bid on items! I think it's going to be very fun and we are going to try and get as many people involved as possible.

I will be tweeting and blogging as more things get entered and then on March 15th we will have the very exciting launch!

Lots and Lots of Love Scarly xx


  1. It sounds very exciting. If I wanted to enter something for the auction do I send it to you before a particular date or do I just send you photos and then once someone buys the item I post it out? It's a great idea, by the way.

    Best wishes,
    Kim from Polkadotii Designs

  2. I missed this, but I'm definitely in on it! Will tweet you! x

  3. Hello Scarlett
    I would like to enter some of my greeting cards which are all handmade by myself. I will send you some more info and photos. What a clever girl you are .. an inspiration to all!

    All best wishes

  4. Love that rain cloud (although if I win it, I might have to add a little felt rainbow ;-) ) Will have a little think about something to auction too. What a great idea! x


  5. Love to enter an original work of art of a little sheep with knitting needles.

  6. Oh no, I wish I'd seen this before! Is it too late to list something?


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