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Life of Pie

That's right. I made A Life of Pi Pie. Or to make it a bit simpler let's just call it A Life of Pie. I was so proud of it I actually did a little dance around my kitchen once I was done. And as there was no one home I made Posy and the cats and even Gary the tortoise admire it for a full 10 minutes before they returned to their busy schedule of sniffing things and pretending not to have been fed. 

If you don't understand the reference or just simply don't understand how I could be this much of a geek I made the pie to celebrate not only the brilliant film that is 'The Life of Pi' but also to celebrate the fact that it's the Bafta's tonight! There is quite literally nothing I like more than an award ceremony and an award ceremony that actually starts at a reasonable hour! Well that's just too much. A few weeks ago I stayed up till 5 in the morning to watch the Golden Globes which was kind of worth it but also kind of totally not worth it at the same time... Anyway as you can see I'm very excited! And when I'm excited I like to bake. Life of Pi was one of my favourite films of the year, I've tried to see all the Oscary films this year and I think in the end Life of Pi and Silver Linings Playbook were my favourites. But it's harder to come up with a Silver Linings Playbook themed dessert, so I just settled with Life of Pie. For anyone that hasn't seen it, this picture might explain. And yes, I know there's no sail, but without a sail my 'boat' just looked like a mouldy pea pod...

I used a recipe I saw on A Beautiful Mess for Buttermilk and Honey Pie. The only reason I went for it was because I actually had some buttermilk in the fridge which basically never happens! So I got all over excited and made this. I used Agave Syrup instead of honey because I'm not a huge fan of the actual taste of honey and it turned out really well! I decided to make mine 'Halfway Homemade' as well and I bought some mini pastry shells from M&S as well as a big one. The recipe made enough filling for a big pie and 6 mini pies so I ended up with kind of a lot of pie! I probably shouldn't say this but buying ready made pastry shells was amazing! The whole thing took about 5 minutes and the result was probably yummier! 

Life of Buttermilk and Honey Pie Recipe.

- 3 eggs,
- 150g caster sugar (2/3 cup)
- 1/2 cup of honey or agave syrup. 
- 2 tbsp plain flour.
- 1 cup of buttermilk.
- 1 tsp vanilla extract. 

Step One - Whisk the eggs with the sugar and honey and stir in the other ingredients. 
Step Two - Pour into store bought pie crus (or homemade!) and bake at 174C (350F) for 40 minutes (the mini pie's took 20 minutes) or until the sides are golden brown and the pie is set (it will still have a slight jiggle at the centre). 
Step Three - While your waiting for your pie to cool make a little boat! I made the boat and the rubber ring out of black fondant (available from Waitrose) and then I stuck a cocktail stick into the boat with a sail shaped sticker attached. I drew the line with writing icing. 

If you decide to make your own Life of Pie (remember, it could be any pie!) for tonight please tweet me a picture and also if you come up with any Bafta movie related food puns. My only other idea was Argo Fro-Yo but I'm not sure how to make frozen yogurt... 

Lots of Love Scarly x 


  1. That looks amazing. I love an awards ceremony too, very excited for tonight.

  2. This has got in the mood for some baking. Maybe some cake to eat while watching the BAFTA's

  3. Goodness that came out great! I love your blog. I just discovered it.

    Stitches @

  4. Hello. I really like the fact of using Agave! It is better for glucosic reasons. Is the boat made of fondant? Me thinks so! I have to see the film to fully understand why the scene is so bleak! Tubular! :)))

  5. I don't know why I'm only just finding you. I love you and your blog already. Especially your "about me". Even though we only just met, I've already laughed and then cried and then laughed until I cried again. Very pleased to meet you indeed, Scarlett. And so awfully glad you are firmly on the mend.

  6. I wanna see life of pi do bad!! This pie looks amazing, I might just need to make one :) also Garry is such a great tortoise name, mine are Albert and Beatrix.

    Kirstabelle xxx


  7. Very happy to have stumbled upon your lovely blog.
    Will return!

  8. Holy freaking crap that looks yummy. By any chance are you on I would love to follow your knitting projects there.

  9. That Pi looks so yummy! Love that you danced around the kitchen :)

    I just started (this week -or last-can't even remember :) BLOGS BY KIDS. Just a blog to showcase blogs by kids (bloggers 18 & under) & was wondering if it would be okay if I posted about your knitted Prince William in a post called made me smile. Would just like to cut & paste your blurb about it & link back to you. That really is one of the cutest things I have seen on a blog in awhile! Nice work here!


  10. Hey! I nominated you for the Liebster awards :) Check it out on my blog to at!

  11. I love the book, and I love pie.



  12. This is great.
    Our library is reading Life of Pi for our community read. I hope you don't mind, but I've tweeted about your post as something they can do for Pi Day. We're at @lynchburglib if you want to check us out.

  13. Hey Scarlett, I hope you're okay, you haven't blogged in a while.
    I'm missing your posts..... <3
    Marian x

  14. That pie is amazing! Wow. Wish I could bake like that.

    Check out my blog?

  15. Corr that pie looks flipping fabulous - enjoy!

  16. I love puns, and I love pie, so this is pretty much perfect! Just discovered your blog and am really enjoying it.

  17. Hey Scarlet, (sorry if I spelt your name wrong)

    I LOOOOVVEEE your blog, you inspired mine Can't wait to see your new posts!!!

    Rachel @

  18. Wow thats amazing! love it :)

  19. Dear Scarlett,

    I have no idea if you remember me. I'm Alice Hart, from the school we have both have had to leave for health reasons. I don't know how much to say on this public comment but I'd love to get in touch.
    I feel like such a loser for having had to leave said school and I'm really struggling with what to do next. Honestly, I just saw you in TeenVogue and I was so happy for you and a little sad/jealous for me.

    If you want to, my email address is

    All my love and best wishes for getting back into the real world,
    Alice x

  20. sending you hugs for whatever is keeping you away from blogger
    Marian x ^_^

    1. and I also nominated you for the Liebster award

      ^_^ x

  21. Pleeeaase tell me you've read the book? I saw the film before I read the book and thought it was beautiful and fantastic. But I'm reading the book now and it is so fantastic. Having the general gist of the visuals and the plot from the film is great and the book has so much more depth to it and the writing style is really fantastic and inspiring. My favourite novel for a long time. I would seriously recommend it.

    Also I love this idea and your Life of Pi Pies look delicious :)

  22. We love your blog!!!

    You just got yourself two fans in Europe!


    Birdy and Bambi

  23. Hey! i used to have a recipe blog because i LOVE writing, reading and using recipes!!! I adore baking! i USE to have a baking blog but stopped using it due to abuse at school and online. But i now have an advice/inspiration blog... you know 'your not alone' situations :) Mainly for teens :)
    This one is more private so i can really express myself without getting stick in school and stuff! I'd appreciate it if I got a follow?
    thank you xxx

  24. Must admit, that pie looks quite delicious!

  25. That looks incredible, I adore your blog!

  26. This is such an adorable idea!

  27. Lovely idea, your blog is adorable.
    I am an anonymous blogger just starting out. x

  28. now that i found you, you are not posting..
    hope all is well ...
    take care,

  29. That looks ravishing, will definitely have to try it!! Would love it if you could check out my blog :)

  30. this looks amazing, definitely going to try this out!:)
    your blog is so helpful!


  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Impressed with your talent in baking. If interested, you can check out and participate this international writing/recipe contest for teen foodies: Good luck!

  33. Looks delicious! I've nominated you for the Creative Bloggers Award! :)

  34. I know this is completely unrelated but I read about you in readers digest and I was amazed. I have Chrons disease which means I have blisters in my cologne and it causes severe cramps and vomiting. the Chrons makes me miss school often and I feel disconnected from my group of friends and sometimes even my family. I feel as if no one really understands what I feel like and there is almost a barrier between me and everyone else. people always think I'm happy and positive but often I cry myself to sleep. your story is amazing and comforting to me and its so strange that I just decided to read this particular readers digest!

  35. This is looking so delicious.

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