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With just hours to go before 'I Do' I am more than just excited to present... KNITTED PRINCE WILLIAM!

YAAAAAAAAAAAY! He is 100% the hardest and most amazing thing I have ever made and I am so proud of him I can't put him down. I got given the book a few weeks ago and was originally planning to do the whole family but by the time I had finished Prince William (after a lot of tears, blisters, stitches gone wrong and the most fiddly pattern I have ever seen) I decided Wills was enough for me and to leave it at that.

You may also notice he only has one strip of hair and this is because on closer inspection of the real Prince William, Lets face it, He's going bald.. and I wanted my knitted figure to be as accurate a representation as possible.

It really is an incredible book and I am carrying my Wills around in my pocket (of my very patriotic skirt) wherever I go.

I hope everyone has a really lovely royal wedding and even if you think it is silly you have to still enjoy it because it's not every day that we get a whole day off just because two posh people fell in love.

Love Scarly and Knitted Prince William (the real Royal Couple)


2 Days To Go

So with only 2 days to go till the big day I am SO excited! I have been doing a lot of royal wedding craft recently and as we are still in the country we are going to watch the wedding in the village hall. I have also spent the last week watching every single show on TV about the royal wedding. Before you close the page because you have decided I am a complete freak who is obsessed with the royal wedding just have a look at some of my royal wedding craft and try to understand...

Royal Family Finger Puppets.

William and Kate Mug.

William and Kate Bunting.

I will post some even more exciting royal creations tomorrow! Happy Royal Wedding :D

Love Scarlett.


Lutyens and Rubinstein.

Hello :)

Sorry about not blogging for a few days. The country is lovely however the one downside is we have no internet most of the time. I have been fast working on the MOST exciting easter project ever and I am so almost done so fingers crossed I will be able to have it finished by Saturday and I can blog some pictures.

I also have a lot of very very very exciting royal wedding crafts and if our internet holds out I am planning on posting one a day in the week leading up to the big day (if you didn't already know I LOVE the royal wedding, all true grannies should).

Also last night me and my mum watched a film called 'Unrelated' which was SO good and if you havent already seen it but are in the mood for something a bit different I would really reccomend it.

But for now here are some pictures of my chicks and bunnies in the window of the best book shop in the world, Lutyens and Rubinstein. It is just off the Portobello Road and is honestly the best book shop ever. It made me so happy to see these pictures I couldnt even believe it! And after easter you can adopt the bunnies and chicks from the window and all the money goes to Comic Relief. Yay!!

I hope everyone is having a lovely easter.

Love Scarlett.

Recipe for Rice Krispie Nests.

WARNING: Once you have mixed the rice krispies and marshmallows the mixture turns SUPER sticky! Imagine chewing gum mixed with glue and thats pretty much what you get.

These Nests are perfect for easter and so quick and easy. I personally prefer fridge cakes and things you dont have to make so these were so much fun and you can decorate each one indivudaly and fill them with whatever you want.

I found the recipe on the Rice Krispie website and made a few changes. Good Luck!

- 45g of Butter.
- 40 big marshmallows (I prefer the Haribo pink and white ones)
- 4 cups of mini marshmallows.
- 6 cups of rice krispies.
- lots of sweets, mini eggs, mini marshmallows and decorations.

1. Melt the butter in a big saucepan over a low heat until just melted. Slowly add the marshmallows and heat slowly until all the marshmallows have melted into a big pink goo. At first it will look like the marshmallows and melted butter are not mixing but if you stir it with a wooden spoon it should all come together pretty quickly.
2. Once the mixture has melted turn off the heat and slowly add the rice krispies, using a wooden spoon to mix them together.At first the mixture will be so sticky it will make you want to scream but if you wait a little bit for it too cool down it should be a little easier to handle.
3. When the mixture has cooled a little bit and is feeling a little less sticky spoon a large teaspoon of the mixture into a cupcake tray and using your fingers mould into a nest shape. You can also just pour all the mixture into a square baking tray to make rice krispie squares instead.
4. Add any chocolates or sprinkles and pop everything into the fridge.
5. Do some knitting while you wait for them to be done.
6. Take them out of the fridge and fill the nests with mini eggs and cut the baking tray into little squares.

Sorry if its a little confusing, I'm not very good at writing recipes out yet but I hope it makes sense and that you enjoy your yummy cakes.

Love Scarlett.

New Bunny Batch and Easter Treats.


So, the nice weather has gone which is good for me but sad for everyone else and I have finally finished my new batch of bunnies! I made five bunnies and 5 chicks but I still haven't finished the chicks noses because their really boring. I used all my new coloured wools and I also changed the pattern for the ears so they dont take as much time and aren't as fiddly.

I am going to send them to my favourite bookshop Lutyens & Rubinstein, just off the Portobello Road and hopefully they are going to put them in their easter display. So if you want to go visit the bunnies for real you can. Although it would be a little weird to go all the way to Notting Hill just to see some tiny knitted bunnies.

Before I sent the bunnies off I wanted to take some nice Eastery pictures of them so I made some Rice Krispie nests which are so fun to make although I am still covered in sticky marhsmallow glue.

I hope everyone is having a nice holiday and if you feel like making some Easter treats I will post the Rice Krispie recipe next.

Love Scarlett.



Ok, so I know I have been away for AGES, and their is absoulutly no excuse for this but do not fear! I have still been knitting and granny-ing just as much as ever and from now on I vow on Mr Elephants life to be a better and more regular blogger.

We are in Suffolk now which is prime teen granny territory and also very sunny which I hate (I love rain and cold) so I have been doing a lot of knitting to pass the time.

I have been working on a new project which I hope to finish tonight so I will post pictures of it tomorrow.

In the meantime here is what I have been doing with my very eventful day.

Painting Pebbles I found on the lovely (and very stoney) Walberswick beach.

Doing Harry Potter Lego (yes it is possible to be this cool)

Baking Heart Shaped 'Scarlett's Surprise (basically just honeycomb, marshmallows and more chocolate than you can imagine)

Watching 'Into the Wild' (and I know i say this about every film but this movie is INCREDIBLE! Could not speak for about an hour afterwards and my family had to physically restrain me from burning all my things and running into the forest)

And of course... knitting.

I PROMISE I will post more tomorrow but in the meantime have a lovely spring night.

Love Hagrid and Pink Bunny.

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