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1 Day Till December - Advent Calendar D.I.Y

YAAAY! It's only one day till December!! And let me warn you, Teen Granny is going to go cerazy this December. Christmas is not just my favourite time of the year it's my favourite thing ever ever ever in the whole world even more than Greys Anatomy and knitting. Not only is this Teen Grannys first Christmas (the blog not me) it's also Posy's first Christmas and Twit-Knit Clubs first Christmas. So keep checking this blog because I'm going to be doing loads of fun D.I.Y.'s, present ideas and showing off some of Twit-Knit Clubs Christmassy knitting. 

To celebrate how near December is, I thought I would share this very fun and easy Advent Calendar D.I.Y. Me and my brothers and some of our friends made these the other day and they were so easy and so much fun.

You will need:
- Red and Green Felt
- Yarn
- Hole Puncher 
- Fabric Pen
- Fabric Glue
- Long Ribbon
- 25 of your favourite sweets or chocolate

Step One:
Cut your felt into little rectangles and use your fabric glue to make 24 little pockets. We did this by putting a line of glue along 3 of the sides and then sticking them together, we then stuck a small white square the front to write the numbers on.

Step Two:
Using your fabric pen, write the numbers 1 - 25 on your pockets.

Step Three:
Punch a small hole in the corner of each pocket and tie a loop of yarn through the hole.

Step Four:
Using the loops of yarn, thread the pockets along your ribbon, making sure you get them in order.

Step Five:
Put a sweet in every pocket and an extra big sweet in the 25th pocket.

Step Six:
Tie a loop at both ends of your ribbon and hang it up.

Step Seven:

This is a really great activity to do with younger folk as it's pretty easy and everyone had so much fun. Except I'm pretty sure my brothers ate all there sweets before putting them in the pockets!

If you have any questions about this please leave a comment, and if you decide to make one please send me a pic!


Love Scarlett



OK I know this has taken me a while to do but I have been in bed all week with a horrible bug and have only just been able to face my blog. But despite they delay, I am proud to announce the official beginning of Twit-Knitmas (or Twit-Knit Christmas)!

Due to everyones itching knitting needles, LOADS of people are already well into their Twit-Knitmas projects and I have put a few on here. Keep sending them into my twitter and I will keep uploading. Twit-Knitmas is going to be the best so far and I'm SUPER DUPER excited! We have until Christmas so it's going to be huge.

If you're looking for some fun Christmassy knitting patterns loads of people have been using the amazing website Little Cotton Rabbits which has tons of free christmas patterns. I've made 3 of her little bears but I will save them for a later post. Or you could use this brilliant pattern for a bauble for your tree.

These are first Twit-Knitmas contributions and they are in fact crochet! I used this pattern which was a free Ravelry download (my new favourite words) and they are very fun to make. There only tiny but I thought I would photograph them in a wintery setting. 

@kateeroberts and @megeroberts have been working on these super cute stockings

so has @Mhairigirl!

and @JennyjHoward! who also made an incredible knitted Christmas Pudding.

I hope this has inspired you to get your christmas knitting on and remember that ANYONE can join Twit-Knit Club and it's extremely fun!

Love Scarlett 


Sponsor Teen Granny (wool supplies needed!)

Teen Granny has been pondering on the subject of sponsorship and has decided to take sponsors for the first time this month (December 2011). I am obsessed with Christmas so will have loads of fun Christmassy posts coming up over this month, as well as the always exciting Twit-Knit Club Christmas Project.

If you run a blog or a business and would like your button to appear permanantly on Teen Granny for the whole of December you can purchase a space for just £10. As well as having your button up for the whole month you will also have a whole blog post devoted especially to you! Advertisting on Teen Granny is a great way to get new, fun people reading your blog and I would love to have you on my page! 

If you're interested please email and I will tell you the easy details of how to sponsor me. 

185x140 pixel size ad
1 Month (December) = £10
Your ad will be displayed at the top of the right sidebar
You will also have a whole post dedicated just to your blog!

Happy (almost) December.

Love Scarlett x


New Title Bar

To get into the Christmas Spirit (yup, thats right, it's time) I have made a new Christmas Title Bar featuring my new little snow men. If you're a friend of mine and are expecting a Christmas present from moi, please pretend you haven't seen my blog.

Happy Saturday, Love Scarlett x


Click on This List


2. This woman took a picture of herself every day for 4.5 years!!! It's such an awesome video, it also helps that she's very pretty and has very nice make up. 

3. Me and my brother thought we kept seeing this guy everywhere, especially in Chuck, and this video just proves it. He truely is the worlds greatest extra. 

4. @bakebakegirl has finished her Twit-Knit Club project but I didn't have time to put it on the main page so here it is. It's INCREDIBLE! Also check out @goldenblades91 blog about her Twit-Knit project. 

5. Christmas Tree Cupcakes made with ice cream cones! I have to give these a try. 

6. A cake pops machine!!! This would make everything so much easier.

7. These glasses - I need these in my life NOW! 

8. Fosterhood in NYC is a beautiful blog I just found about a woman in New York who fosters and looks after children. There's something about it that's just so awesome. 


Twit-Knit Club Food + Rainbow Cake.

This may not seem like a twit-knit club post, what with all the pictures of cake, but TRUST me.. it will all tie in at the end. This week was my Dad's birthday so I decided to fulfil my lifelong ambition and bake him a rainbow cake!!


I have already written about the trials and troubles involved in making a rainbow cake on Hello Giggles but in case you don't read this incredible website, I shall repeat myself here. I think the key to making this cake was preparation. Ever since I started baking and crafting I have become SUPER organised and although it can be boring, it really really helps!  

I started preparing for the cake by going to a kitchen shop and buying 4 cake tins and 6 different coloured food dyes. The shop was very snazzy so had food gels instead of those liquid food dyes you usually have in your cupboard and I'm pretty sure this made all the difference. My mum once made a red velvet cake using a whole bottle of red food dye and about three mouthfuls in we all had to admit that the whole thing tasted of food dye. With food gel you only have to use a tiny, tiny, tiny bit in each cake and this meant it all tasted of vanilla but with really bright colours. 

Almost my favourite thing about the whole rainbow cake process was that after you make a huge vat of cake mix you get to separate it out into 6 different bowls and dye each one a different colour. It's really fun. I promise. My cake mix only just covered each tin and I was SO scared I hadn't made enough but it turned out for the best as each layer was the perfect size. 

I was VERY tempted to leave the cake un-iced because it looked so pretty but covering it with icing was definitely the right decision because when my dad cut into the white and saw all the colours it was amazing!!

Ok.. So now is the moment when you say. Uh Scar, WHAT does this have to do with Twit-Knit Club? Well imaginary voice of my blog readers, I can answer you now. Not only did I bake this amazing cake, I also... CROCHETED IT! If you ready my Hello Giggles piece you will already know about my troubles with crocheting and yes I admit, it was a very slow start. But I have been working on it all week and with the help of some absoulutly brilliant YouTube videos I have completed my very first pattern. I used a brilliant pattern from One Sheepish Girl (one of my fave blogs) and now I get to keep my rainbow cake forever!

Everyone else has been doing such good work and every single time someone sends me a picture I just immediatly want to make what they have made because it's all so cute and beautiful! 

 This is @addiebabe cupcake tea cosy! Because all tea really needs to be kept nice and cosy. 

We have decided to count Poppy Seeds as a food and @puddingchaps has made a beautiful Poppy. 

And although it's not food, @baileysbear made this amazing little jumper for her friends little boy! 

This is so cute I wanna scream! A tiny cupcake by @robotgobot

@bakebakegirl is so close to finishing her milk and it looks so cool! I love the letters. 

@goldenblades has finished 2 of her incredible swirly cute cupcakes. 

@louisefcampbell crocheted an amazing mushroom, with a big smile on its face (stalk?)

and to tie into our next Twit-Knit project (Spoiler Alert - It's Twit-Knit Christmas) @vikki_butlin has made the cutest little Christmas Pudding!


Tiny Owl

I love owls, I love 'em big, I love 'em small (TBH mostly I love them small). I love Hedwig. 

I love Owl from Winnie the Pooh. 

And I love painting them on rocks. 


But mostly I love knitting them. I found this brilliant pattern on Mochi Mochi Land and decided to buy it and knit it for my Dad's birthday. It was really fun and easy to knit and I used much bigger wool than needles so it came out nice and squidgy. 

I hope you like my little owl, it's here to remind you that no matter how scary the world may seem, as long as it's always full of tiny knitted owls, things will be okay.

Love Scarlett


Twit-Knit Club Food Update

Hello Twit-Knit Clubbers!!

I hope everyone has been having fun with Twit-Knit Club Food, I finished my first bit of food a few days ago and now I am going to get started on an ice cream cone!

In case you can't tell, it's two peas in a pod! I got this pattern from Louise Designs, an amazing crafty blog, it was her first ever pattern and it was so well written and fun to make! 

I don't think i sewed on the faces very well as they both look a little crazy, but I'm hoping it makes them individual. 

The peas were getting very lonely up in my room so I let them hang out with some other foods during the day. 

It's early on in the project so a lot of people are still working on theirs but these are a few of the AMAZING entires so far!

@daniinthegarden has finished her awesome dog from Twit-Knit Club Toys. It's so cute!

@Baileysbear - has mixed Twit-Knit club food and Twit-Knit Club hats to make this awesomely amazing pumpkin hat. I want one so much!

@rachel_hill has made the cutest little pink cupcake with a cherry on top!

@JennyjHoward has gone for savoury and made these amazing sushi rolls. 

@Mhairigirl - has made this sweet little white cupcake, it was her first time knitting the round, I'm SO impressed. 

@bakebakegirl is nearly finished her carton of milk! I can't wait to see it.

If you've finished your project or if I have forgotten to put yours on (sorry!) just tweet me any pictures or questions you have!!!

Happy Tuesday, Love Scarlett. 

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