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Polaroid Advent Calendar D.I.Y.

Hello :) Today is officially the 25th of November (I guess it would be kind of odd if it was unofficially the 25th of November) which means we can start getting SUPER excited about Christmas. I have obviously been getting excited about Christmas since about June but now I think it's finally early enough to start talking about it.

With only 5 days till Advent begins I thought I would share this easy but awesome advent calendar D.I.Y. I got my mini Polaroid camera for my birthday last year and I'm absolutely obsessed. So I've decided that every day of December I'm going to take a Polaroid of something Christmassy I've been doing that day and peg it up on my advent calendar. I guess that kind of makes it a reverse advent calendar but it's still going to be very cool even if it is marginally less tasty than a chocolate calendar. 

It will mean that I HAVE to do something Christmassy every day of December and also that I have a brilliant collage of Christmas by the end of the month. 

If you want to make your own Polaroid advent here is how, it takes about 20 minutes and you can pin it up on your wall for instant Christmassyness. 

You will need: A pin board, some wrapping paper, 25 wooden clothes pegs, some number stamps and ink, some scissors, double sided sticky tape, a polaroid camera, 3 packs of polaroid film. 

Step One: Pin your wrapping paper to your pin board and then stick the pegs on with double sided sticky tape. If you make it with a polaroid on hand you can make sure that the pegs are correctly spaced. My board wasn't long enough so I put the last row of pegs right at the bottom and this means the polaroids will hang off the bottom which still looks pretty cool! 

Step Two: Stamp your numbers (1-25, incase you forgot) next to the pegs. If you don't have number stamps you can of course just write them in pen. 

Step Three: Pin your board up on the wall and your done! Now all you have to do is take a polaroid every day and peg it in the correct place. I tested mine out with this silly picture of my brothers and it works pretty well! 

Good Luck! And leave a comment if you have any problems.

Love Scarly x


Knit Tips - Blocking

Hello Twit-Knitters (and normal knitters, of course) I have another Knit Tip today and this time it's how to block your pieces. There's been a lot of talk on twitter about blocking and everyone does it a bit differently but I thought I would share how I do it for anyone that's interested. 

Blocking is an easy technique used to stretch and flatten knitting into the desired shape. It stops that annoying curling on the sides and if your piece is slightly smaller than you intended you can slightly stretch it into the desired size.

Many people steam iron their knitting but I prefer to do this way as it's so easy and also I'm slightly scared of the iron! 

You will need: A towel, your piece of knitting and some sewing pins.

How to block your knitting: 
1. Lay your towel out flat on the floor. Lightly wet your knitting, making it damp but not dripping. It will seem very weird to run your beautiful knitting under the tap but trust me, it works! 
2. Lay your knitting on top of your towel and gently stretch it into the desired dimensions. If your working towards a pattern it might helpt to have a tape measure on hand to check your measurements. 
3. Pin your knitting to the towel and leave it till it dries. 

I hope this has been helpful and leave a comment if there are any other Knit-Tips you've been needing! Also, if you are in Twit-Knit, make sure you email or tweet me any pictures of your scarf sections so far so I can arrange another post! 
There's no rush yet but I'd say everyone should be aiming to have finished their second or third pieces by now! I know some people have already finished which is very impressive but don't worry if your not that fast! It's getting colder so there will be plenty of knitting opportunities coming up!

Lots of love Scarly x 


My First Interview

Interviewing people is something I've always been very fascinated/very afraid of so when I was asked  to interview Willa Doss, creator of a new teen skincare brand 'Willa' for Get the Gloss I was a mixture of terrified and extremely excited. Little did I know that Willa Doss is only 12! That's right, at the grand old age of 12 Willa has created her own incredibly successful line of face washes, body creams and lip gloss (my favourite, obviously) that has just launched exclusively in Harrods. She was incredibly nice and the interview was no where near as scary as I thought it would be. You can read all about it HERE on Get the Gloss. Happy Sunday, Love Scarlett x


Smores Rocky Road Recipe

I know this might sound wierd to some people but for the first 13 years of my life I had no idea what smores were. I would hear people talking about making smores and had absolutely no idea what they were. Then on a camping trip I had my first ever smore and everything changed. Okay, to be honest not that much changed. But it was very yummy. For anyone else who's still in the smores dark, smores are basically a sandwich of biscuit, chocolate and marshmallow which you can melt together while camping to make one lovely gooey chocolaty yummy thing. 

This rocky road recipe combines all the loveliness of smores, plus toasted almonds. Using marshmallow fluff instead of actual marshmallows means it stays soft and gooey in the middle even after you put it in the fridge! 

- 8 graham crackers (or if you cannot find them, good old digestive biscuits will do fine)
- 1 1/2 cups of almonds, toasted and chopped. (to find out how to toast almonds, click here, it's v easy!)
- 1 cup of marshmallow creme, (I used fluff
- 340g of chocolate chips. 
- 1 can of condensed milk. 

Step One: Preheat the oven to 190C. Line a 9x13inch baking tray with baking paper. Then line the tray with the graham crackers. Bake for about 8 minutes until biscuits are lightly toasted. 
Step Two: Roughly crush the biscuits into large crumbs and then toss with the almonds in the bottom of the tray. 

Step Three: Dollop the marshmallow creme on top of the biscuits. 
Step Four: In a heatproof bowl set over a pan of boiling water, melt the chocolate and condensed milk, stirring occasionally until the chocolate is melted and the mixture is smooth. 

Step Five: Pour the mixture over the marshmallow creme and use a knife to swirl the mixture with the creme and the biscuits and the almonds. 

Step Six: Refrigerate until set (about 2 hour) and then cut into small pieces. 

You should end up with a lovely chocolaty marshmallow mixture over a bed of crushed biscuits and almonds.

Happy Monday! I have parents evening tonight, SCARY! 

Love Scarlett x. 


Knit-Tips: Moss Stitch

Hello. Seeing as how everyone is getting so into their knitting for the Twit-Knit Scarf Swap and has been trying out so many amazing different stitches I thought I would do a few more knitty posts on my blog. It seems that a lot of the twit-knitters are very advanced and good at lots of complicated stitches (for the record, I'm not!), so probably already know this one, but for those who aren't so experienced I thought I would share one of my favourite knitting stitches, the moss stitch.

But before I get started I just want to say how moved I was by everyones lovely responses to the last post! I love Twit-Knit so much and I feel like we have created such a lovely little twitter-community.

Okay now, on with the stitch, this stitch really is VERY easy to remember and there are only really three steps you need to remember. I like it so much because I think the textures so awesome and you can never really get your head around it as long as you look at it.

How to do Moss stitch (sometimes called seed stitch):

CAST ON: an even amount of stitches. 
ROW ONE: Knit 1, Purl 1, repeat this until the end of the row.
ROW TWO: Purl 1, Knit 1, repeat this until the end of the row.

See! I told you it was easy, and the results are amazing and it always looks much more complicated than it actually was.

Happy knitting and tweet me if you decide to use moss stitch as well!

Love Scarlett.


Twit-Knit Scarf Swap Update

Before I start this post I just want to say how sorry I am it's so late. I know I promised to update regularly but I'm afraid I've been slightly overwhelmed with coursework and holiday (okay maybe that one wasn't so overwhelming) and this is my first Twit-Knit Scarf Swap update post.

Lateness of the post aside the scarf swap is going VERY well. As I said before I was blown. away. by how many people are taking part (it's around 70!) and was slightly scared that everyone would forget and it would all be a disaster. But (touch wood) it's going very well and everyone seems to be making friends and doing some amazing knitting.

I wasn't sure what level everyone would be at and thought we might just end up with 70 garter stitch scarves in different colours. But the opposite turns out to be true! Everyone is so amazing and is doing all kinds of crazy patterns and cables. Having said this if you are just doing garter don't worry at all! I'm definitely going to end up doing it for a few of mine! And you can always add buttons or beads at the end.

If you have any problems or worries please just email me, but for now, here is how Twit-Knit is getting on so far...

These are the lovely people who have written about the project on their blogs:

1. Emma Mitchell wrote about Twit-Knit and her amazing knitted leaf on her lovely blog Silver Pebble. 

2. Emma Pooley wrote about her five finished squares (I know, she's amazing, but don't panic if you aren't that far along) on her blog The 39 Stitches. 

3. @bakebakegirl wrote a LOVELY post about Twit-Knit on her blog The Original Bake Bake Girl

And here's how everyone else is getting along...

All these lovely squares are by Hilary Packham for Team Sleigh.

1. @haylowbabe's first amazing square. 2. A lovely red flower by @nicnicolanic for Team Cracker. 3. And some more beautiful multi-coloured flowers by @pencrug for Team Cracker.

1. @bakebakegirl's first square for Team Turkey. 2. Lovely knitting by @faithyb33.

1. @JoanneHoyles awesome rainbow square for Team Present. 2. @_Sarah232's diamond stitch for Team Sleigh. 

1. Mock cable by @sharonmacbeth for Team Sleigh. 2. Amazing fair isle by @Mhairigirl for Team Present

1. Three awesome pocketed squares by @JennyJHoward for Team Stocking 2. Some beautiful squares by @slightlyturquoise.

1. An early picture of @paulahall75's squares for Team Nativity (she's already posted 3!). 2. Another lovely piece by @slightlyturquoise. 

1. @sharonmacbeth's awesome 2 different coloured piece for Team Sleigh. 2. @louisefcampbell's beautiful purple and green square.

Love Scarlett. 

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