Twit-Knit Club Food Update

Hello Twit-Knit Clubbers!!

I hope everyone has been having fun with Twit-Knit Club Food, I finished my first bit of food a few days ago and now I am going to get started on an ice cream cone!

In case you can't tell, it's two peas in a pod! I got this pattern from Louise Designs, an amazing crafty blog, it was her first ever pattern and it was so well written and fun to make! 

I don't think i sewed on the faces very well as they both look a little crazy, but I'm hoping it makes them individual. 

The peas were getting very lonely up in my room so I let them hang out with some other foods during the day. 

It's early on in the project so a lot of people are still working on theirs but these are a few of the AMAZING entires so far!

@daniinthegarden has finished her awesome dog from Twit-Knit Club Toys. It's so cute!

@Baileysbear - has mixed Twit-Knit club food and Twit-Knit Club hats to make this awesomely amazing pumpkin hat. I want one so much!

@rachel_hill has made the cutest little pink cupcake with a cherry on top!

@JennyjHoward has gone for savoury and made these amazing sushi rolls. 

@Mhairigirl - has made this sweet little white cupcake, it was her first time knitting the round, I'm SO impressed. 

@bakebakegirl is nearly finished her carton of milk! I can't wait to see it.

If you've finished your project or if I have forgotten to put yours on (sorry!) just tweet me any pictures or questions you have!!!

Happy Tuesday, Love Scarlett. 

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