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2. This woman took a picture of herself every day for 4.5 years!!! It's such an awesome video, it also helps that she's very pretty and has very nice make up. 

3. Me and my brother thought we kept seeing this guy everywhere, especially in Chuck, and this video just proves it. He truely is the worlds greatest extra. 

4. @bakebakegirl has finished her Twit-Knit Club project but I didn't have time to put it on the main page so here it is. It's INCREDIBLE! Also check out @goldenblades91 blog about her Twit-Knit project. 

5. Christmas Tree Cupcakes made with ice cream cones! I have to give these a try. 

6. A cake pops machine!!! This would make everything so much easier.

7. These glasses - I need these in my life NOW! 

8. Fosterhood in NYC is a beautiful blog I just found about a woman in New York who fosters and looks after children. There's something about it that's just so awesome. 


  1. Just found your blog via hellogiggles. Read your piece about audiobooks. It spoke to me because I'm in my twenties and do a lot of stuff that's considered older like knitting and baking and audio books. I'm blind so have never been able to read paperbacks but love love love reading and writing. Audiobooks saved my sanity and I think the accessabuility has improved so much over the years and it's great that more and more authors and series are being released as audiobooks.

    Hope life continues to inspire you. Great blog.

    All the best Amy


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