Advent Advent Calendar

In case you hadn't noticed (and unless you're a complete Christmas freak like me why would you have) it is exactly 25 days until the 1st of december (the day we get to open our first advent calendar). But I have decided to get into the Christmas spirit early and begin my Advent Advent Calendar! 

This is it! It is a Quentin Blake one that my Dad gave me and I am going to open a flap every day, counting down to the day I can begin my real advent calendar. Before you close this page and never visit my blog again but call  up my mum and have me put in a mental home please try to understand. Christmas is just so exciting and to be frank 25 days is not enough of a count down. 

So if you feel like getting ready for the holidays early too I encourage you to start your Advent Advent Calendar. It has already made me happier :)

You may have also noticed I'm not the only one getting into the Christmas Spirit, this is my very first Toffee Nut Latte of the year and it was DELICIOUS! 

I also enjoyed the Candy Canes Starbucks was selling, although I'm pretty sure the lady at the counter thought I was cer-a-zy. 

Before Christmas can really begin we have my two youngest brothers and my dads birthday. Today was my brother Charlie's birthday and upon request I made him the Lemon Crinkle Cookies to take into his class. 

Happy First day of the Advent Advent Calendar everyone 

Love Scarlett. 


  1. That is actually fantastic! I think i might do this too. I love Christmas, and since I'm sewing alot of presents i need to keep on top!

  2. I love the idea of a advent calander! You have inspired me to start blogging again and even considering taking up knitting so BRAVO to you :D

  3. This is not bonkers at all. It is an excellent idea.

  4. Finally , someone else whos excited about the red cups! We are one diet coke advert away from christmas people!!!!


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