1 Day Till December - Advent Calendar D.I.Y

YAAAY! It's only one day till December!! And let me warn you, Teen Granny is going to go cerazy this December. Christmas is not just my favourite time of the year it's my favourite thing ever ever ever in the whole world even more than Greys Anatomy and knitting. Not only is this Teen Grannys first Christmas (the blog not me) it's also Posy's first Christmas and Twit-Knit Clubs first Christmas. So keep checking this blog because I'm going to be doing loads of fun D.I.Y.'s, present ideas and showing off some of Twit-Knit Clubs Christmassy knitting. 

To celebrate how near December is, I thought I would share this very fun and easy Advent Calendar D.I.Y. Me and my brothers and some of our friends made these the other day and they were so easy and so much fun.

You will need:
- Red and Green Felt
- Yarn
- Hole Puncher 
- Fabric Pen
- Fabric Glue
- Long Ribbon
- 25 of your favourite sweets or chocolate

Step One:
Cut your felt into little rectangles and use your fabric glue to make 24 little pockets. We did this by putting a line of glue along 3 of the sides and then sticking them together, we then stuck a small white square the front to write the numbers on.

Step Two:
Using your fabric pen, write the numbers 1 - 25 on your pockets.

Step Three:
Punch a small hole in the corner of each pocket and tie a loop of yarn through the hole.

Step Four:
Using the loops of yarn, thread the pockets along your ribbon, making sure you get them in order.

Step Five:
Put a sweet in every pocket and an extra big sweet in the 25th pocket.

Step Six:
Tie a loop at both ends of your ribbon and hang it up.

Step Seven:

This is a really great activity to do with younger folk as it's pretty easy and everyone had so much fun. Except I'm pretty sure my brothers ate all there sweets before putting them in the pockets!

If you have any questions about this please leave a comment, and if you decide to make one please send me a pic!


Love Scarlett


  1. Hi Teen Granny! Would you be interested in being interviewed on my blog? I think my readers would love to hear about you!

  2. Did your brother put cheese in his?

    I just made something similar for my little ones. In each is a malcheeser (as my youngest calls them) and a teeny wooden decoration to go on a teeny tree. In number 24 is the star for the top. Tbh I'm just as excited about it as they are.


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