OK I know this has taken me a while to do but I have been in bed all week with a horrible bug and have only just been able to face my blog. But despite they delay, I am proud to announce the official beginning of Twit-Knitmas (or Twit-Knit Christmas)!

Due to everyones itching knitting needles, LOADS of people are already well into their Twit-Knitmas projects and I have put a few on here. Keep sending them into my twitter and I will keep uploading. Twit-Knitmas is going to be the best so far and I'm SUPER DUPER excited! We have until Christmas so it's going to be huge.

If you're looking for some fun Christmassy knitting patterns loads of people have been using the amazing website Little Cotton Rabbits which has tons of free christmas patterns. I've made 3 of her little bears but I will save them for a later post. Or you could use this brilliant pattern for a bauble for your tree.

These are first Twit-Knitmas contributions and they are in fact crochet! I used this pattern which was a free Ravelry download (my new favourite words) and they are very fun to make. There only tiny but I thought I would photograph them in a wintery setting. 

@kateeroberts and @megeroberts have been working on these super cute stockings

so has @Mhairigirl!

and @JennyjHoward! who also made an incredible knitted Christmas Pudding.

I hope this has inspired you to get your christmas knitting on and remember that ANYONE can join Twit-Knit Club and it's extremely fun!

Love Scarlett 

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  1. Oh these are so cute! I think I'll have to start my Christmas crafts and join in!


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