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Twit-Knit Club Food + Rainbow Cake.

This may not seem like a twit-knit club post, what with all the pictures of cake, but TRUST me.. it will all tie in at the end. This week was my Dad's birthday so I decided to fulfil my lifelong ambition and bake him a rainbow cake!!


I have already written about the trials and troubles involved in making a rainbow cake on Hello Giggles but in case you don't read this incredible website, I shall repeat myself here. I think the key to making this cake was preparation. Ever since I started baking and crafting I have become SUPER organised and although it can be boring, it really really helps!  

I started preparing for the cake by going to a kitchen shop and buying 4 cake tins and 6 different coloured food dyes. The shop was very snazzy so had food gels instead of those liquid food dyes you usually have in your cupboard and I'm pretty sure this made all the difference. My mum once made a red velvet cake using a whole bottle of red food dye and about three mouthfuls in we all had to admit that the whole thing tasted of food dye. With food gel you only have to use a tiny, tiny, tiny bit in each cake and this meant it all tasted of vanilla but with really bright colours. 

Almost my favourite thing about the whole rainbow cake process was that after you make a huge vat of cake mix you get to separate it out into 6 different bowls and dye each one a different colour. It's really fun. I promise. My cake mix only just covered each tin and I was SO scared I hadn't made enough but it turned out for the best as each layer was the perfect size. 

I was VERY tempted to leave the cake un-iced because it looked so pretty but covering it with icing was definitely the right decision because when my dad cut into the white and saw all the colours it was amazing!!

Ok.. So now is the moment when you say. Uh Scar, WHAT does this have to do with Twit-Knit Club? Well imaginary voice of my blog readers, I can answer you now. Not only did I bake this amazing cake, I also... CROCHETED IT! If you ready my Hello Giggles piece you will already know about my troubles with crocheting and yes I admit, it was a very slow start. But I have been working on it all week and with the help of some absoulutly brilliant YouTube videos I have completed my very first pattern. I used a brilliant pattern from One Sheepish Girl (one of my fave blogs) and now I get to keep my rainbow cake forever!

Everyone else has been doing such good work and every single time someone sends me a picture I just immediatly want to make what they have made because it's all so cute and beautiful! 

 This is @addiebabe cupcake tea cosy! Because all tea really needs to be kept nice and cosy. 

We have decided to count Poppy Seeds as a food and @puddingchaps has made a beautiful Poppy. 

And although it's not food, @baileysbear made this amazing little jumper for her friends little boy! 

This is so cute I wanna scream! A tiny cupcake by @robotgobot

@bakebakegirl is so close to finishing her milk and it looks so cool! I love the letters. 

@goldenblades has finished 2 of her incredible swirly cute cupcakes. 

@louisefcampbell crocheted an amazing mushroom, with a big smile on its face (stalk?)

and to tie into our next Twit-Knit project (Spoiler Alert - It's Twit-Knit Christmas) @vikki_butlin has made the cutest little Christmas Pudding!

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  1. waw..really nice blog and well written as well. the cake looks yum!


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