Some Very Exciting News...

Hello, OK, I have some super exciting news. Next Thursday (once my silly mocks are over) I will be teaching... A KNITTING CLASS! How cool is that! 

The class is going to be for beginners (so children are more than welcome!) and will be taking place at amazing new pop up design shop called (appropriatly) My Pop Up Design Shop! The shop was created by Zoe Brewer and you can email her ( zoe at to book tickets!

I'm SO excited and I think it's going to be so much fun. It's going to be very much for beginners so even if you don't know what a knitting needle is please still come along. There will be beginners knitting packs available at the class as well. Also (if I'm alowed) Posy will be there so that's a whole other reason to come! 

I hope you can come and leave a comment if you are planning too! See you there,
Scarly x


  1. Of course Posy must come! She will be perfectly disguised as a ball of wool! Z.x

  2. That is indeed exciting - good for you! And good luck!

  3. I need to take part in this so you can solve all my knitting woes, as good as youtube is it'd be much easier to have the queen of twit-knit on hand...damn being beyond broke!
    I hope it's a massive success (of course it will be) then more can be run and you'll be presented with your biggest challenge yet: me, my many dropped stitches and the resulting paddy! Good luck to you and to Zoe :)

  4. Oh if only it were on Friday or Saturday...I would have been able to come! Teaching is so much fun - you'll have a fabulous time. I've been teaching at The Make Lounge recently and it's ACE. I expect it will be a roaring knitty success. Will you be holding any more workshops? My fingers are crossed!

  5. Awww, I wish I lived in London so I could come :( Good luck and have fun!

  6. i am SO COMING!!!!! love, your mum.


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