April Photo-A-Day Update

Here are this weeks photos from the April Photo-a-day challenge. I know it's not Sunday but I'm sure it is somewhere in the world...

9. Younger you - this is me when I was little in Bali.

11. Where you ate breakfast - While doing revision, ironically simplifying surds was one of the only questions I skipped out on the mock, I guess I was too busy instagramming and forgot to actually revise...

12. Stairs

13. Something you found - I found this postcard in a newsagent in Southwold and obvs had to buy it!

15. Sunset 

16. Flower - This is one of the fabric flowers I have been making recently, I will blog about them soon.

1 comment:

  1. Evening TeenGranny
    You should be revising, not reading this...
    Am really enjoying your blog even though I cannot knit At All. Off to read some more but will be back soon, Ax


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