Mr Kate D.I.Y. Kawaii iPhone Case

For anyone who isn't familiar with Mr Kate she is one of my all-time favourite lifestyle bloggers and also an amazing writer for Hello Giggles. When I saw her D.I.Y for these awesome phone cases I knew I had to give it a try and I'm afraid it's launched a bit of an obsession. I've made 2 so far and my mum has made 1 and you can find the full Mr Kate tutorial here and the video here:

Mr Kate recommends using Silicone Caulk which obviously works very well but I couldn't manage to find. Or if I did find it I couldn't figure out what it was! Instead I searched on Etsy and found this brilliant thing called Whipped Cream Clay. Now it sounds pretty freak but it's basically frosting, but made of clay. It comes in an icing bag like you would use to decorate a cupcake and you just swirl it all over your phone and then wait for it to dry. It's really cheep and if your as scared of the silicone as I was I can seriously recommend it. 

Your Decoden iPhone Case Shopping List:

Okay so that's about £6 for the whole case which is kind of awesome. I mean some of these cases can cost up to £40 and there not even homemade! So here are the cases me and my mum have been making:

This is my food themed one which I covered in all things yummy! The only problem is it makes you seriously hungry every time you send a text. 

This is my mums, she wanted to make one she could keep in her back pocket so she smoothed her icing flat and stuck lots of pretty bows in it. 

And this is my flowery one, I think this is my favourite. 

Remember to head over to Mr Kate if you want to learn how to make one of these awesome cases and I hope you have a lovely Tuesday.

Love Scarlett. 


  1. These are just gorgeous! I have been waiting for someone British to do a tutorial of these for ages as I never found that cream anywhere!! Good one :) x

  2. Oh these are FABULOUS. The tiny waffles and doughnuts! Oh good grief.

    I just remembered something I saw in a local shop recently - I think this two-part epoxy stuff may well work for these phone cases and there are SWAROVSKIS to embed in it. Oh yes: http://www.spoiltrottenbeads.co.uk/crystal-clay-supplies-853-c.asp

  3. you are so cute - I read your blog and thank god that there are still genuinely nice people in the world. i love all your ideas - i will be moving countries / jobs / lifestyles soon and will have time (finally!) to try out my craftiness! thank you. your family must be so proud of you x

  4. Very cute! I think I would be hungry all the time if I had one xD



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