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Meet the Altoid Bunnys

Hello! Last year for Easter I knitted everyone in my family an egg cosy and this year I was planning on doing the same thing but left it a little too late and worked out I would have to knit about 2 a day if I wanted to get it done in time (why did my parents have so many children!) so I decided to tackle a small sewing project instead! 

I found this pattern online for some tiny mice that live in Altoid Mint tins and knew I had to have a go at making one. Except for one problem... mice aren't exactly very Eastery. So I decided to change the pattern a little and make some bunnies instead! I used pretty much the same pattern except instead of sewing the mouse ears on once the body is flipped and stuffed I attached long ears at the same time as you attach the arms and in the same style. I was pretty nervous and it was very fiddly but it worked kind of perfectly in the end and they look a lot like bunnies. 

The only problem I came across was not sewing the ears down by mistake which you can see I did with this one (so I kept it for myself!) 

 I ended up making 6 (one for each member of my family) but could only manage to find two for the photos as my brothers are keeping there's on them at all times and my mum's unfortunately ended up in the sweet draw as it was mistaken for a tin of mints. 

As you can see there pretty tiny and pretty cute and I've been keeping mine in it's house in my pencil case during all my exams! If you do feel like making one I would really recommend buying the mouse pattern and just having a go at fiddling with it yourself! 

Love Scarlett. 


  1. So cute! Repurposing Altoid tins is one of my favourite things - tiny sewing kits, tiny first aid kits, you name it, but I haven't yet put a bunny into one. Must remedy that!

    1. Yes I agree! Except now my house is just full of bowls of very strong mints!

  2. Aww, it's adorable :) And it looks easy too... perfect for a novice like me.


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