Knitting Cupcakes

Hey. I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday and enjoying this awesome weather (I love the rain, it's perfect knitting weather.) What I am about to show you is probably one of my favourite things I have ever made in my life... KNITTING CUPCAKES!

That's right! I have come up with a recipe that mixes the two best things in the world world, no I'm not talking about Greys Anatomy and Ryan Gosling, I'm talking about knitting and cupcakes! To find out how to make these lovely cakes head over to Hello Giggles NOW!

Have a great week,
Scarlett x


  1. OMG these are superrr cute :D If only I could knit!


  2. i saw this on hellogiggles :) they look so good and i will definitely have a go making them!
    i'd love you to have a look at my blog x

  3. I saw these on HelloGiggles and they are amazing!

    I'm gonna make them for one of my best friends for her birthday in July! She is kinda like you but she loves knitting and going to bed early/waking up early and we call her Grandma too. Hahaha

    This is such a genius idea! :)

    ~Hannah xx

  4. Saw these on Hello Giggles - brilliant! You may just be the world's coolest 16 year old. I love your blog! My housemates made me some kickass knit cupcakes for my bday, but I love the icing on these! :) x


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