Did You Make That? Pyjama Party

As you already know, Did You Make That? is one of my all time favourite blogs and for the past few weeks Karen has been doing something truly amazing on her already amazing blog. She has been hosting an online Pyjama Party (the best kind of party) and encouraging the readers of her blog to sew there very own pair of pyjamas! I really wanted to join in but I think it would have meant I did 0 hours of revision a day so I have just been reading about it and dreaming of making my own one day. You can read all about the project here

Although I didn't get to make my own pair I was very kindly asked by Karen to do a special post for the day of the actual Pyjama Party and the exciting news is that that day is TODAY! My post is up now and it's a recipe for some very yummy Py-jammy dodgers (which are bascially just Jammy Dodgers but shh! don't tell) so head over to Did You Make That NOW and have  a look at all the amazing things Karen has been doing as well as my recipe. You can find the recipe by clicking HERE!  

Have a lovely weekend,
Scarlett x


  1. I actually laughed so much at your "about me" section. Got me Loling literally outloud as i grannishly wish i too was knitting rather than revising! But I feel we would get on like a house on fire. I love creativittttyyyyyyy and would rather stay in and make some bunting.....that is my LOVE in life. bunting. sad. yet true. AAAANywaaay i love your blog and shall be following asaihavefinishedwritingthis. Come and see my blog should ya wish!

    Blaise x

  2. I very much enjoy your blog and thanks so much for this recipe. I made a batch and they were demolished in minutes. Good job I photographed one before they were all snaffled:

  3. Elated to see these baking styles. Went for an arts and craft exhibition at one of the spacious event space San Francisco few months back. My mother liked the unique set up and hosts present to guide the guests. Sweets and beverage were offered. Good amount of collection was sold by owner.


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