Twit-Knit Club Project 3 - HATS

Everyone is SUPER excited about getting started with the new Twit-Knit project so I am launching it straight away!

For anyone un-sure on what Twit-Knit club is, it is a club for knitters on twitter too all do similar projects at the same time and tweet their progress/get help from others/ generally have a bit of a twitter chatter. If you would like to join please just tweet me and you will be in the club! (no exam required)

We picked hats because it is starting to get a little chilly and a knitted hat is ALWAYS nice to have when it gets cold. Try to find a fun pattern that suits you and then get knitting. If you are having trouble finding one check out RAVELRY for some awsome patterns, a lot of which are free.

These are some funny ones I have found so far.

But you should pick whichever hat you think suits your knitting-ability and personality. Remember if you need any help just tweet me!

Ready. Steady. KNIT!

Love Scarlett x


  1. Ohmygosh! I love the owl hat. So. Adorable. Please tell me where you got this picture from? I'll have to find someone who knits and commission this. Got to teach myself to knit now :)


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