Make it yourself... Quote Cards

Make it yourself... Quote Cards.

I love quotes, which i know sounds really lame, but I do! Quotes from books, quotes from songs, I just love that feeling when you find a quote and think 'thats exactly what I would have said if I was SUPER DUPER clever and interesting.' 

I have been seeing these mini card books a lot on the internet recently and people seem to be using them for all different things, I really wanted to try making one so decided to mix two of my passions, quotes + fun easy craft projects (and of course I was watching Greys Anatomy throughout).

I have only done about 30 quotes so far and am going to continue to add more as I find even more words of wisdom. It may seem like a little bit of a weird project but I promise it is so fun and I look at my quotes all the time!
Here is how to make your own:


1. A pack of playing cards.
2. String or chain.
3. A hole punch.
4. Pritt Stick.
5. A computer and a printer.

Step One:

On a Word Document write out all your favourite quotes in seperate boxes. I used text boxes which worked very well. You also have to make sure that when the boxes are cut out they fit on one of the playing cards.

Step 2:

Holepunch your cards. Annoyingly the hole punch is too big to do each card is one go, so you have to punch two seperate holes in each cards.

Step 3:

PRINT out the quotes. CUT out all the boxes. STICK them in the middle of the cards, making sure not to cover the holes. 

Step 4:

String the cards together using your string or chain. I used chain which worked perfectly but if you did not have any to hand, I'm sure string would work just as well.

Step 5:

Keep your quotes cards in your pocket, bag, or by your bed. That way whenever you need something to turn to... your all set.

I hope this makes sense and if you decide to make one, please send me a picture!

Love Scarlett.

P.S. We have been talking about new Twit-Knit Club projects and seeing as how it is approaching winter (YAY) I was thinking hats might be a fun project? If you agree with hats or would like to join the club please tweet me! And if everyone agrees I will do an introductory blog post in the next few days.

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