20 Things I want to Make and Bake.

I have been using this website Pinterest a lot recently. And when I say a lot. I mean A LOT! I'm obsessed. If you haven't already discovered it go on it right now! It has been inspiring me to make so many different things so I have decided to make my '20 Things I want to Make and Bake' list. I'm going to put this as a seperate page on my blog (fancy) and try to finish as many of the things as I can. I have put links to all the How-To Pages and when I finish each one I will upload a photo.

So here is my list so far:
  1. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate
  2. A Knitted Snowman (it's never to early to start christmas knitting)
  3. Sugar Cookie Truffles
  4. Neon Braid Jewelry 
  5. Kit-Kat and M&Ms Cake
  6. Pumpkin Drinks Cooler
  7. Knitted Eyeballs 
  8. An AWSOME Haloween Costume.
  9. Ghost Cupcakes
  10. Red Velvet Cake Balls.
  11. The 30 Day Drawing Challenge.
  12. A wall of quote post-its. 
  13. Something crocheted (I still don't know how to do it)
  14. My Twit-Knit Club Hat.
  15. An orange and black tie-dyed t-shirt or dress for Halloween.
  16. Tape Measure Bracelets
  17. Chalkboard table at a party
  18. Suede Bracelets
  19. Tic-Tac Pumpkin Seeds
  20. Peanut Butter Balls
I'm SO excited about my list and if you, like me, have a long mental list of things your dying to make I would encourage you to make one too. If you do make one please comment and send me your list :) Wish me luck.

Love Scarlett x

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  1. I've been reading a bit on fellow bloggers about Pinterest, an I have to say it is your blog entry that has persuaded me to go an check it out. I mean just look at your list! Inspiring.

    Thank you.


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