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For anyone who follows my twitter, you shall know I have recently started a new school. So far it is really really hard  going okay, but due to this big distraction (seriously what is the point of school if you're not at Hogwarts) I haven't been doing as much solid knitting action. I have however been doing a few fun crafty projects to keep myself occupied and pass the time while I wait for my 2 new favourite TV shows to come on.

1. 2 Broke Girls - starring favourite actress and Teen-Granny fan (EEEEEEEEEK) Kat Dennings

2. New Girl - Zooey Deschanel. In glasses. Enough said.

(if you haven't seen them already watch them NOW!)

So here are a few of the things I have made. 

Table Settings: A couple of nights ago my parents had a dinner party and I made these AWSOME table settings for them. Everyone loved them except I have compeletly messed up the scrabble kit. OOPS.

Knitted Bows: I came up with this pattern for knitted bows a few days ago and I can't stop making them. Once I have made enough I was thinking of putting them onto necklaces, broaches, hair clips or rings. I will blog the pattern in a few days.

A Poleroid a Day: I started this on my first day of school and so far it is going very well, although due to the dulness of my life the poleroids are not very captivating. Every day I take a poleroid and peg it onto this line that goes across my bedroom. I'm going to try and keep going until the end of the year. I will do a full blog on it one day but here is a little taster.

Here is todays poleroid (I am feeling awful and sick so have stayed in bed with Posy today)

Hope everyone is having a brilliant week. And remember to pick your Twit-Knit Club Hat pattern this weekend and send me the link! I haven't been able to get started yet due to flu :( but on the weekend me and my mum are going to buy materials and then I will get started. Keep me updated. And spread the word! Once I have a few pictures of people starting their blogs I will do an update post. 

Love Scarlett. 

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