The Click on This List.

I spend LOADS of time on the internet (in fact it's becoming one of my greatest skills) and am constantly discovering new things so I thought I would make a weekly 'Click on this List' with all my favourite clickety things of the week. I hope you like it :)

1. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Trailer. - it looks AMAZING

2. This Coat (I'm in love)

3. Stitch London's INCREDIBLE New Knitting Book (will do a whole blog on it next week - it's amaze)

4. Incredibox - literally the most amazing online experience ever. Words cannot describe. 

5. Bracelet Tutorials on Honesty WTF, I've spent all week making these super easy bracelets. 

6. This Proposal - found on Pinterest. 

7. A knitting pattern for a hat with a hole for a ponytail! - am doing it for my Twit-Knit Club hat. 

8. Hello Giggles - an amazing amazing amazing new website - make sure you check it tomorrow (Saturday) - there may be something on it from the Teen Granny!

Have a lovely weekend.

Love Scarlett. 


  1. I found your blog from hellogiggles, and I love it! You're fantastic!

  2. I discovered Incredibox the other day through Stumble Upon. Seriously so much fun. You've got a cute blog, missy! I love the name of it :)

    xo, Samantha


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