Felt the Love.

Felt is another material I love to work with. if I'm working on a particularly tricky knitting project and its taking ages and not feeling like its getting anywhere, it's really fun to stop and make something out of felt because it is SO much quicker! 

Me and mum found the kit for this Love cushion at a Christmas fair. its from Sparrowkids (http://www.sparrowkids.co.uk), they have loads of really amazing kits and they turn out really beautifully. 

I had so much fun making this cushion (which i still have to stuff) that i decided to start doing some felt projects of my own. the first one i made was the cushion i am holding in the picture of me at the top of this blog. i really loved the exposed big colourful stitches on the other one so i decided to use a lot of them as well as some cool coloured felt. i also made one saying Peace and another saying Joy but unfortunately gave these away for Christmas so i have no pictures. 

my most recent felt creation was this personalised iPad case for my mums birthday. her initials are EF and my dad gave her an iPad so she was really happy with it. 

if i start selling things online (which i am trying to set up!) i am definitely going to try and sell some felt cushions or cases because they are so much fun to make and i think they turned out quite well.

hope everyone had a good Tuesday.

Love Scarlett


  1. Love working with felt, they both look great.


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