Its Red Nose Day time again and with only 16 days to go I have decided what I am going to do... on the 17th March I am doing a 14 Hour Knit!!!

I am starting at 10am and knitting NON-STOP until midnight. Luckily I will have about a million movies and some family and friends are going to join me knitting at different points during the day. I will be knitting a very long scarf in multi-coloured wool and I need as many sponsers as possible! The link for my Red Nose Day giving page is

(you need to copy and paste it into your browser because I dont know how to post an official link)

and if you would like to sponser (even if its only a few pounds) me and the bunnies would be SO grateful!

I also need your help! I am going to be getting through a lot of movies so if you have any suggestions for movies I should watch (preferably knitting related), please share the wisdom!

And please tell me if your doing anything for Red Nose Day! I would love to sponser you.

Love Scarlett

1 comment:

  1. What a brilliant idea for Red Nose Day! Love it!
    You could watch The Friday Night Knitting Club - I read the book but I know it's a film too, with Julia Roberts I think?
    Good luck on 14 hours of knitting - I wish I had the time!


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