Keep Calm and Knit On.

Today has been a big day for me (knit-wise) because I have invented my first patter! YAY! Unfortunately it's not finished yet so you will have to wait another day before you get to see my brand new invention. I will also blog the pattern so other people can make it too. For now I will just post some pictures of random other little things I have made that have not earned their own blog post.

Princess Molly - I made this doll from a kit over one weekend. She's very pretty but quiet because she was not born with a mouth.

It was also a huge day for my family because it was the launch of Red Nose Day! I will blog about the special red nose day knitting thing I am doing in a few days but everyone remember to buy your nose and your T-shirt and to do something funny for money.

And just remember... If you ever feel sad or scared...

And also remember... TOMORROW'S FRIDAY. 

Love Scarlett 


  1. Princess Molly is so sweet!

    I'm going to do something beady for Comic Relief. I'm thinking maybe an auction?

    Looking forward to seeing your pattern. :-)

  2. you're quite in an inspiration young lady...I hope my son has a smidgeon of what you have about you...he's bordering on 13 so we have to get through a difficult phase first! wonderful creations...keep it up.

  3. I rather like, Keep Calm and Carry Yarn.

  4. thank you so much! and an auction for comic relief would be so cool!
    tell your son to start knitting and it will melt his teenage-ness away!

    keep calm and carry yarn is my new favourite saying. ever.


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