My Brilliant Invention.

Sweet Cake...

A months ago it was my brother Spikes birthday, he was turning 7 and I had been doing a lot of baking at the time so I was very excited to make him a big birthday cake. However when I told him what I was going to do, his little face dropped. It turns out my brother hates cake! Although this is literally impossible for me to understand (birthday cake is favourite food), I had to try and come up with another plan. His favourite food in the world is Haribo gummy bears and so after thinking for a little while I came up with... The Sweet Cake! 

I started off by baking a simple circular chocolate cake. When it had cooled down I  simple hollowed out the middle of the cake (leaving plenty of room around the sides and underneath) with a knife and spoon. I then covered the cake with white fondant icing and filled the middle with gummy bears. I also decorated it with fondant icing '7's and wrote 'Spike is Amazing' on the side (because he is). Spike was so excited when he saw it and I'm pretty sure he ate every single gummy bear from the middle. 

Its a really fun idea for a birthday cake because you still get the yummy cake but you can fill it with something they really love. I was thinking you could even fill the middle with lots of tiny presents or jewelery. 

Im still working on the dress which is taking AGES but looking really nice and I am also making some mini Koalas! I will post pictures when I'm done.

Love Scarlett 

p.s. if your bored - watch this -


  1. That cake is fab, my 15 yr old girl loves M&M's may have to do something similar.

  2. That's faantastic idea! Looked really good too.


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