Valentines Princess

I have finally done it, it has been my dream since i was four and I am proud to say I have finally made... THE BARBIE CAKE! It may have taken about four hours of baking, crying, failing, smooshing, squeezing and dipping my hair in a substantial amount of icing but it was SO worth it.

I started out by planning to make a circular flat cake and a rounded cake to stack on top of each other to make the dress - this did NOT work. The flat cake worked perfectly (the cake inside is also pink) but the dome shaped cake completely fell apart so in the end I had to stick together lots of small parts of cake to try and form a dress shape and then quickly cover them in more pink icing than you have ever seen in your whole life, before anyone noticed.

I think if I never do anything again in my life this will definitely count as my lifetime achievement. I am so proud!

on another note... the baftas were very interesting/boring and although I did love the Kings Speech and was SO glad that Colin won, I thought some of the others should have won as well, ESPECIALLY the absoulutely incredible 127 hours.

I hope everyone had a lovely valentines day.

Love Scarlett


  1. That cake is amazing, completely understand the frustration when trying to get a cake right, but is always so worth it in the end. We gave up on the Baftas half way through as it was getting a bit dull, ended up watching the American office instead, but glad the King's Speech did well. Looking forward to seeing your next brilliant creation.

  2. Could be a contender for Big Fat Gypsy Wedding! Well done


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