23 Days to Go - Knit Relief Posting Tips

Hello! Today something very exciting happened. Something very exciting indeed. I received a package in the mail. And inside this package was my first Twit-knit scarf piece. And I was so excited that I did a little dance around the hallway. And my brother thought I was going crazy. But I wasn't. I was just EXTREMELY happy. Not only was the piece, knitting by the extremely talented @mdhilary, very beautiful but it also came with a Christmas stamp AND a little Christmas card. So it was basically like getting an early visit from Father Christmas except it was even better because it included knitting. 

The package from Hilary was so perfect that it reminded me of a few tips to give everyone for when they are posting their scarf pieces. I haven't posted yet as I'm still busy knitting (it turned out coursework was actually just the tiniest bit more important than knitting, although I'm not sure why!) but I hope lots of people have begun sending off their pieces.

Here are a few tips for sending your pieces (inspired by Hilary)
1. Tie up the ends, don't sew them in - when it comes to sewing our scarves together it's going to be so much easier if we can just use the casted on and off ends. Also this saves you the hastle of sewing them in yourself. As you can see Hilary tied hers up into lovely little bows and make sure you leave a long trailing bit of yarn as you cast off.
2. Include a sticky label with your address on - this was also Hilary's idea, and it's very clever! 
3. Don't stress about it! - If you're anything like me you will already be getting into a panic about how to send them, where the post office is, if the pieces are good enough and where on earth you left your pen! But just remember - it's Christmas, we are knitting, everything is great! 

I hope these tips have helped and remember to email or tweet me any pictures of your scarves/pieces!

Lots of Love Scarly x

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