22 Days to Go - D.I.Y. Holly Headband

You probably already know this but I love a good headband. I'm not talking Blair Waldorf preppy headband I'm talking full on comic  head band. At Easter I wear bunny ears, on my birthday I wear Deely Boppers and I wear a headband with cat ears on pretty much every other day of the year. But of all the festive headbands, Christmas headbands are my favourites. I made this holly headband after watching Nativity 2 (on the first day it came out, OBVIOUSLY) which featured an extremely enviable supply of Christmassy headbands. This holly headband is very easy to make and is guarenteed to turn heads (okay fine, maybe not for the right reasons, but let's just pretend okay!)

You will need:
- a hard headband
- green felt
- red felt
- glue gun

Step One: Cut 2 leaves and 2 berry's out of the felt. Follow the pictures above as a guide. 

Step Two: Glue the 2 leaves onto the headband using your glue gun and then glue to the 2 berries on. 

Step Three: Wear your headband with confidence and style!

Merry Christmas! 
Love Scarly x

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