21 Days to Go - D.I.Y. Mistletoe Hat

Yesterday I showed you my kind of Christmas headwear and today I want to share with you my brothers idea of a Christmas hat. I like to think I'm the crafty one in the family but when my 15 year old brother came running up to me to ask me to make this for him I couldn't help but be impressed. 

The basic concept of the mistletoe hat is that you sew a piece of mistletoe onto a hat and walk around all day making people kiss you. I know, it's genius, I'm extremely jealous it wasn't my idea. 

To sew the mistletoe onto the hat I used a large yarn needle and a pice of green yarn. Make sure you do at least one loop on the little branchy things that come out of the main one as it won't slip out. The good thing about using yarn is that it's thick so you can just snip it off whenever you're done kissing. 

Happy Christmas!
Love Scarly x


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