Polaroid Advent Calendar D.I.Y.

Hello :) Today is officially the 25th of November (I guess it would be kind of odd if it was unofficially the 25th of November) which means we can start getting SUPER excited about Christmas. I have obviously been getting excited about Christmas since about June but now I think it's finally early enough to start talking about it.

With only 5 days till Advent begins I thought I would share this easy but awesome advent calendar D.I.Y. I got my mini Polaroid camera for my birthday last year and I'm absolutely obsessed. So I've decided that every day of December I'm going to take a Polaroid of something Christmassy I've been doing that day and peg it up on my advent calendar. I guess that kind of makes it a reverse advent calendar but it's still going to be very cool even if it is marginally less tasty than a chocolate calendar. 

It will mean that I HAVE to do something Christmassy every day of December and also that I have a brilliant collage of Christmas by the end of the month. 

If you want to make your own Polaroid advent here is how, it takes about 20 minutes and you can pin it up on your wall for instant Christmassyness. 

You will need: A pin board, some wrapping paper, 25 wooden clothes pegs, some number stamps and ink, some scissors, double sided sticky tape, a polaroid camera, 3 packs of polaroid film. 

Step One: Pin your wrapping paper to your pin board and then stick the pegs on with double sided sticky tape. If you make it with a polaroid on hand you can make sure that the pegs are correctly spaced. My board wasn't long enough so I put the last row of pegs right at the bottom and this means the polaroids will hang off the bottom which still looks pretty cool! 

Step Two: Stamp your numbers (1-25, incase you forgot) next to the pegs. If you don't have number stamps you can of course just write them in pen. 

Step Three: Pin your board up on the wall and your done! Now all you have to do is take a polaroid every day and peg it in the correct place. I tested mine out with this silly picture of my brothers and it works pretty well! 

Good Luck! And leave a comment if you have any problems.

Love Scarly x


  1. Ooh what a great idea, way more interesting than the chocolate kind! ;)

  2. Hello. I am still kind of confused about Advent. Last year the catholic church added new words to the mass. I thought is was only until the end of Easter but it was kept to be said all year. From this I gather that Advent is only until Christmas. Interesting!


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