Weekend Favourites

Hello! In a very exciting new blog development I have decided to replace 'The Click on This List' with 'Weekend Favourites' (shock! horror!). Mostly just because it means I will make myself do it weekly instead of just whenever I feel like it but also because I was very confused about which letters to put a capital letter in front of when writing 'The Click On This List.' So, without further ado, I give you, this week's Friday favourites!

1. My weekly round up of online window shopping....


2. Rookie Book Bag D.I.Y. 

3. Take This Waltz - me and my Dad went to see this last week and it's amazing! If you missed it in the cinema I would definitely recommend getting it on DVD. 

4. Tavi Gevinson on Jimmy Fallon - she is completely my idol. I can't wait for the book. 

7. The Renegade Craft Fair at Brick Lane this weekend and if you didn't manage to go to day I would seriously try to tomorrow- it pretty much sounds like any crafters heaven and more, and super excitingly Emma from Silverpebble is one of the many incredible artist's selling there!


  1. 1) Those are the best shoes EVER
    2) I want to hang Tavi Gevinson's anorak on my wall
    3) I'm still on a crafty high after the RCF
    4) Did you see this? I feel a garland coming on.

  2. the skirt is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Everything is by the way.


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