D.I.Y. Felt Flower Headband

As anyone who's read my blog before will know I LOVE Autumn and Winter and rain and snow and am generally not a huge fan of the hotter seasons. So I am of course very excited about the recent changes in the weather and believe it or not as I write this I am wearing my Christmas jumper (I say that like I have only one, I have about ten). 

But there are some things I love about summer and flowers is one of them! So to try and re-create summer while we all put our coats back on I have come up with a little D.I.Y for making these awesome felt flower headbands. I got very obsessed with making these over the summer because there so easy and everyone loves them! They look awesome with five flowers on each band but if you want something a little subtler you can always just sew one on (for more of an office look).

Love Scarlett x

Step One: Cut your flowers out of felt. I used about 10 per headband and make sure you use different colours and different sizes. 

Step Two: Sew two flowers together with a line down the middle. I did this on a sewing machines (because I was feeling lazy) but you could easily do it by hand. Sew your flowers in pairs so you end up with five felt flowers. 

Step Three: Cut a piece of ribbon to the desired length (test it out on your head to make sure it fits). Then sew your flowers onto the ribbon using the same line you used to sew them together. It looks nice if they overlap a little. 

Step Four: Hand sew buttons onto the middle of each flower. It's fun to test out different shapes and sizes of buttons to see how they look. I used Cath Kidston little buttons and some big velvet ones as well. 

Step Five: Put on your favourite dress, your flower headband and enjoy! 


  1. very cute! - I love winter more than I can even describe! I have yet to aquire a christmas jumper though. . I'll work on that!

  2. So cuteeeeeee :)



  3. What a wonderful idea! On my to-do list for sure!


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