Teen Granny takes on London Fashion Week

Anyone that reads this blog regularly will know it is most definitely not a fashion blog! And I am most definitely not a fashion blogger. But despite this (and the fact that practically all I ever wear is knitted jumpers) I am, like most girls my age, interested in the confusing and colourful world that is fashion. So when Tatler asked me to write an online diary about watching fashion week from the sofa - how could I say no?

I couldn't - and that is why for the next four days I will be writing about my opinions (however immature and inexperienced) on the latest LFW styles. My first post goes up today and I'm VERY nervous. It's mostly about a pineapple handbag that I think I may have fallen in love with and if you feel like reading it you can find it here.

Lots of love Scarlett.


  1. Gah! Can't believe Tatler asked you to do this!! Amazing...

  2. omg, what a great opportunity! have fun :D

  3. Your article looks fab, love the hollowed-out pinapple idea! What a wonderful oppurtunity!

  4. Pineapple bags - did you ever see Franklin Habit's knitted pineapple bag for knitty?


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