With just hours to go before 'I Do' I am more than just excited to present... KNITTED PRINCE WILLIAM!

YAAAAAAAAAAAY! He is 100% the hardest and most amazing thing I have ever made and I am so proud of him I can't put him down. I got given the book a few weeks ago and was originally planning to do the whole family but by the time I had finished Prince William (after a lot of tears, blisters, stitches gone wrong and the most fiddly pattern I have ever seen) I decided Wills was enough for me and to leave it at that.

You may also notice he only has one strip of hair and this is because on closer inspection of the real Prince William, Lets face it, He's going bald.. and I wanted my knitted figure to be as accurate a representation as possible.

It really is an incredible book and I am carrying my Wills around in my pocket (of my very patriotic skirt) wherever I go.

I hope everyone has a really lovely royal wedding and even if you think it is silly you have to still enjoy it because it's not every day that we get a whole day off just because two posh people fell in love.

Love Scarly and Knitted Prince William (the real Royal Couple)


  1. Heehee, he's lovely! I hope tomorrow is a lovely day, I'm fed up with so many miseries moaning about the whole thing. I will be watching it on TV, can't wait to see the dress, but I have nothing but admiration for all the crowds camping out to join in with the celebrations. Why can't we just be happy about a young couple tieing the knot? enjoy the day!

  2. This is glorious. Glorious. Glorious.


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