Lutyens and Rubinstein.

Hello :)

Sorry about not blogging for a few days. The country is lovely however the one downside is we have no internet most of the time. I have been fast working on the MOST exciting easter project ever and I am so almost done so fingers crossed I will be able to have it finished by Saturday and I can blog some pictures.

I also have a lot of very very very exciting royal wedding crafts and if our internet holds out I am planning on posting one a day in the week leading up to the big day (if you didn't already know I LOVE the royal wedding, all true grannies should).

Also last night me and my mum watched a film called 'Unrelated' which was SO good and if you havent already seen it but are in the mood for something a bit different I would really reccomend it.

But for now here are some pictures of my chicks and bunnies in the window of the best book shop in the world, Lutyens and Rubinstein. It is just off the Portobello Road and is honestly the best book shop ever. It made me so happy to see these pictures I couldnt even believe it! And after easter you can adopt the bunnies and chicks from the window and all the money goes to Comic Relief. Yay!!

I hope everyone is having a lovely easter.

Love Scarlett.

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