Ok, so I know I have been away for AGES, and their is absoulutly no excuse for this but do not fear! I have still been knitting and granny-ing just as much as ever and from now on I vow on Mr Elephants life to be a better and more regular blogger.

We are in Suffolk now which is prime teen granny territory and also very sunny which I hate (I love rain and cold) so I have been doing a lot of knitting to pass the time.

I have been working on a new project which I hope to finish tonight so I will post pictures of it tomorrow.

In the meantime here is what I have been doing with my very eventful day.

Painting Pebbles I found on the lovely (and very stoney) Walberswick beach.

Doing Harry Potter Lego (yes it is possible to be this cool)

Baking Heart Shaped 'Scarlett's Surprise (basically just honeycomb, marshmallows and more chocolate than you can imagine)

Watching 'Into the Wild' (and I know i say this about every film but this movie is INCREDIBLE! Could not speak for about an hour afterwards and my family had to physically restrain me from burning all my things and running into the forest)

And of course... knitting.

I PROMISE I will post more tomorrow but in the meantime have a lovely spring night.

Love Hagrid and Pink Bunny.


  1. welcome back! love the pebbles!

  2. lovely to have you back, completely with you when it comes to the weather. My friend's Mum does amazing pebble painting, amongst other things, here is a link to her gallery http://www.maggiejonesartist.com/gallery.html
    Hope it gives you some inspiration

  3. Hi Scarlett. My name is Jasmine Gardner and I'm a writer from the Evening Standard. I'm getting in touch because I'd love to interview you and write a piece about you and your blog. Drop me an email at jasmine.gardner@standard.co.uk or call me on 020 7938 6550 and I'll explain a bit more.
    All the best
    p.s. I totally agree with you about Into the Wild. I loved that film and was equally stunned into silence by it.


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