Knit Tips - Blocking

Hello Twit-Knitters (and normal knitters, of course) I have another Knit Tip today and this time it's how to block your pieces. There's been a lot of talk on twitter about blocking and everyone does it a bit differently but I thought I would share how I do it for anyone that's interested. 

Blocking is an easy technique used to stretch and flatten knitting into the desired shape. It stops that annoying curling on the sides and if your piece is slightly smaller than you intended you can slightly stretch it into the desired size.

Many people steam iron their knitting but I prefer to do this way as it's so easy and also I'm slightly scared of the iron! 

You will need: A towel, your piece of knitting and some sewing pins.

How to block your knitting: 
1. Lay your towel out flat on the floor. Lightly wet your knitting, making it damp but not dripping. It will seem very weird to run your beautiful knitting under the tap but trust me, it works! 
2. Lay your knitting on top of your towel and gently stretch it into the desired dimensions. If your working towards a pattern it might helpt to have a tape measure on hand to check your measurements. 
3. Pin your knitting to the towel and leave it till it dries. 

I hope this has been helpful and leave a comment if there are any other Knit-Tips you've been needing! Also, if you are in Twit-Knit, make sure you email or tweet me any pictures of your scarf sections so far so I can arrange another post! 
There's no rush yet but I'd say everyone should be aiming to have finished their second or third pieces by now! I know some people have already finished which is very impressive but don't worry if your not that fast! It's getting colder so there will be plenty of knitting opportunities coming up!

Lots of love Scarly x 

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