Twit-Knit Scarf Swap Update

Before I start this post I just want to say how sorry I am it's so late. I know I promised to update regularly but I'm afraid I've been slightly overwhelmed with coursework and holiday (okay maybe that one wasn't so overwhelming) and this is my first Twit-Knit Scarf Swap update post.

Lateness of the post aside the scarf swap is going VERY well. As I said before I was blown. away. by how many people are taking part (it's around 70!) and was slightly scared that everyone would forget and it would all be a disaster. But (touch wood) it's going very well and everyone seems to be making friends and doing some amazing knitting.

I wasn't sure what level everyone would be at and thought we might just end up with 70 garter stitch scarves in different colours. But the opposite turns out to be true! Everyone is so amazing and is doing all kinds of crazy patterns and cables. Having said this if you are just doing garter don't worry at all! I'm definitely going to end up doing it for a few of mine! And you can always add buttons or beads at the end.

If you have any problems or worries please just email me, but for now, here is how Twit-Knit is getting on so far...

These are the lovely people who have written about the project on their blogs:

1. Emma Mitchell wrote about Twit-Knit and her amazing knitted leaf on her lovely blog Silver Pebble. 

2. Emma Pooley wrote about her five finished squares (I know, she's amazing, but don't panic if you aren't that far along) on her blog The 39 Stitches. 

3. @bakebakegirl wrote a LOVELY post about Twit-Knit on her blog The Original Bake Bake Girl

And here's how everyone else is getting along...

All these lovely squares are by Hilary Packham for Team Sleigh.

1. @haylowbabe's first amazing square. 2. A lovely red flower by @nicnicolanic for Team Cracker. 3. And some more beautiful multi-coloured flowers by @pencrug for Team Cracker.

1. @bakebakegirl's first square for Team Turkey. 2. Lovely knitting by @faithyb33.

1. @JoanneHoyles awesome rainbow square for Team Present. 2. @_Sarah232's diamond stitch for Team Sleigh. 

1. Mock cable by @sharonmacbeth for Team Sleigh. 2. Amazing fair isle by @Mhairigirl for Team Present

1. Three awesome pocketed squares by @JennyJHoward for Team Stocking 2. Some beautiful squares by @slightlyturquoise.

1. An early picture of @paulahall75's squares for Team Nativity (she's already posted 3!). 2. Another lovely piece by @slightlyturquoise. 

1. @sharonmacbeth's awesome 2 different coloured piece for Team Sleigh. 2. @louisefcampbell's beautiful purple and green square.

Love Scarlett. 


  1. I need to take pictures - amd 3 and a half pieces in, but no photos, hopeless!

    Really enjoying twitknit :-)

  2. I'm making it a 2013 resolution to learn how to knit so I can join this next year.
    These are amazing!!

  3. This is so much fun, and it's great that anyone can take part irrespective of expertise or age. Thanks so much for organising it Scarlett.

  4. I am trying to convince my mom to let me have a twitter account just so I can join twit-knit!!! Absolutely love your blog scarlet!!!



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