Halloween D.I.Y. - Glitter Squash!

Before I start going crazy with Halloween D.I.Y.s and recipes I think I need to make a confession, I'm a TOTAL wimp. I have never seen a horror film (unless Dr Who counts), never been on a roller coaster and I can't even watch Scary Movie.... I know, its shameful, but despite all that I still LOVE halloween. And one of my favourite things about halloween is decorating squash. I know that sounds wierd, but squash are awesome! There much smaller than pumpkins (and therefore much easier) and they come in some of the funnest and craziest shapes and sizes. Over the next few days I'm going to share 3 awesome and super easy squash D.I.Y.s starting with this fabulous glitter ball one.

My mum will kill me if I don't give her credit so I must admit that it was actually her who added the glitter at the end! At first I was very angry that she was attatcking my beautiful sequin squash with her PVA but in the end I did have to admit it looked better... Damn. Anyway... Happy Halloween and please comment with some of your favourite October crafts!

Glitter Squash D.I.Y

You Will Need:
- A squash (of any shape and size)
- Some strong UHU-style glue
- Some PVA glue
- Some flat backed sequins or gems
- Glitter!

Step One - Begin by using your strong glue to stick your gems onto the squash. I found it was easier to put the glue on the back of the gem and then stick it onto the squash instead of putting it on the squash and then sticking the gem on. 

Step Two - Add some more gems... (and admire my awesome blue nails)

Step Three - Add some more gems...

Step Four - Once you feel you really have added enough gems, wait for your glue to dry and then cover all the gaps between the gems in PVA glue. Remember, PVA dries clear so don't worry if you get glue onto some of your gems, it won't show up in the end. 

Step Five - Go glitter crazy! Cover your whole squash in glitter and then wait for it to dry. 

Step Six - Sit back and admire your glitter, bling, amazing (albeit not that scary) glitter squash!

Love Scarlett. 


  1. Well, i'm old enough to have children not far off your age and I don't watch horror films either. I remember some friends renting Scream and watching the first five minutes before running away to hide. Pathetic really.

    But glitter, ooooh yes, I can manage that. Lovely.

  2. A bling pumpkin. Inspired!

    Someone sitting next to me wanted to leave a comment too:

    I really like your sparkly pumpkins. They are very glittery. I'd like to make one because it looks lovely. From Evie, age 6 1/2. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Hi Evie! (and Emma) - thank you for being so nice! Definitely make one and if you do please send me a picture. I'd love to see. x

  3. Gah! Just realised we typed pumpkins by mistake. We were totally distracted by the jewels

  4. I'm totally with you! All my friends watch super scary movies...while I'm still debating on whether Disney's Hercules is cooler then Repunzel. Glitter squash is so cool!

  5. You're not alone, I can't even cope with Dr Who.

    1. Oh my gosh I know! Remember the one with the gass masks! I still have nightmares...

  6. I know this is off topic but your nails are super nice!!


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