D.I.Y. Envelope Notebook

As soon as I saw this awesome planner on I knew I simply had to have it. Unfortunately I've already spent too much money on stationary for a lifetime so I decided to try making my own instead...

Whenever I'm putting together a scrapbook or diary I love to save little bits of junk to stick in, movie tickets, receipts, labels from my yarn (yes I know, I really am that cool) but the problem is I always end up chucking them in my pocket or throwing them away. This notebook is awesome because you can keep all your little papery secrets in the front and then stick them in whenever you feel like it. It's almost TOO easy to make and the results are very fun. Enjoy!

You Will Need:
- A notebook
- An envelope the same size as your notebook
- Double sided sticky tape
- Your favourite pens

Step One: Cut the flap off your envelope. 

Step Two: Decorate the front of your envelope. 

Step Three. Cover the back of your envelope in double sided sticky tape and carefully stick it to the front (or back) of your notebook.

AND YOUR DONE! See I told you that was super duper easy and amazing.

Enjoy your lovely super secrete and awesome envelope notebook.

Lots of love Scarlett.


  1. Awesome!
    I always end up loosing bits and bobs for my scrapbook. I think I might try that for my scrapbook cover.
    Marian :D x

  2. That is SO clever, I might have to try it! I doubt mine will be so neat though..

  3. My little girls are going to love this. The smaller one turns eight on Thursday, and I think I shall make one for her!

  4. Hello. That is super duper (I thought I was the only one whom says that! Your hand style is VERY nice! Typography is fun! Super duper easy and amazing indeed!!


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