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Halloween Baking

With only a few hours left till Halloween (YAY!) I thought I'd share some fun Halloween baking I've been doing recently. First I had to make some Scream Cheese Brownies. I found the recipe on the Betty Crocker website. Like my pumpkin cupcake recipe, this one's also a bit of a cheat as it uses brownie mix, but the results are so awesome that I definitely don't care at all!  

Then, to make the brownies EVEN MORE awesome I turned them into Marshmallow ghost brownies using another Betty Crocker method. This is one of the easiest but most effective cake decorating methods I've ever used and I loved how the spooky little brownies turned out. Unfortunately once I'd finished the brownies and left them out on a cake stand for everyone to see, my extremely fat cat Badger came along and decided what he really felt like for dinner, much more than catfood, was 8 little marshmallow ghosts. I think it's safe to say that the ghosts met with a pretty terrifying end. I just hope they gave him scary nightmares to pay for his horrid crime. 

I'm going to my first Halloween party in three years tomorrow! Which is pretty scary but also kind of exciting. I'm dressing up as a cat which I KNOW sounds boring but I think I'm gonna make it pretty awesome (hopefully). I'll be doing a round up of all my Halloween posts tomorrow so check back for some fun ideas. In the morning me and a friend are cycling to a shop to buy pumpkins and then coming home to carve them which will be fun/disgusting (I secretly always kinda hate carving pumpkins)

I hope everyone has a very happy Halloween!
Lots of Love Scarly. 

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  1. Hello! It is true about getting the night mares(i think the term "night mare" came from horses yelling at night)after one eats much and go to sleep. Dressing up as a Cat is like the best idea for a costume! Yes! Cycling is so much fun and great exercise! I bet the ride return was much effort considering all of the pumpkins had! I hear you about the pumpkins being disgusting. It is the slimy membrane. Though one could wear gloves and a big spoon to scoop out the insides. The ghost brownies are super fun looking!! Thank you very much!


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