Back to School

Picture of Teachers Pet Biscuits by Biscuiteers

After a little (okay actually quite big) summer break from blogging I have decided it is most definitely time I come back. I would like to say this was because I felt like there were millions of readers out there just begging for me to start blogging again but in truth my family is just very, very bored of hearing me talk about craft and baking all day and has begged me to to talk to the internet instead.

In less than a week I go back to school. I'm starting a new school and am, of course, terrified! But also very excited, and also pretty terrified. To try to calm my nerves I am spending most of my time planning my back to school outfit, pencil case and knitting a back to school scarf. Because as we all know a perfect garter stitch really is the best way to make friends. Or maybe I imagined that...

Anyway the general message of this post is that I'm going to start blogging again. Which is brilliant for me because I miss it like crazy. And is also good for anyone who stumbles across my blog while googling 'cheesecake strawberries and greys anatomy.'

I hope everyone is having a great summer.
Love Scarlett.


  1. Well I'm glad you're back, new scarf is a good idea, I always find a handknit gives me more confidence. It's like evidence that I can achieve something.

  2. Glad you're back, the perfect garter stitch AND homebaked goodies are easily the way to befriend people. Good luck with the new school :)

  3. I really missed your posts, you have such a funny and nice way of writing and you really sound like a cool person :)

  4. Oh thank goodness you are feeling well enough now to start blogging again. Good luck with the new school and home baked goodies are definitely the way to make friends and influence teachers er I mean people.

  5. This is very good news -you're back! I love the picture of the little biscuits - I think pencil biscuits might have to make it into my children's lunch boxes when they go back next Tuesday. Hope your first day is lovely. I feel sure it will be.

  6. Welcome back and good luck with the new school. You sound very well prepared.


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