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1. Holga cat camera - it makes cat noises when you take a picture! (scream)

2. Sushi Cakes - made from pound cake and shaved coconut! 

3. The Mulberry Bryn - who thinks I can make 695 pounds selling friendship bracelets and cupcakes on the beach this summer? 

4. This picture of Meg Ryan and this article by Lena Dunham on Nora Ephron - We recently re-watches You've Got Mail and When Harry met Sally and it's just unbelieveable how amazing they both are. 

7. Sincerely Kinsey's Stained Glass Coaster DIY - I think this would be fun to do with green glass from the beach. 

8. Watermelon Pops - the perfect summer treat! 

Happy Monday :)

Love Scarlett x


  1. that is the cutest camera ever! :D also, the watermelon pops remind me that we have a watermelon ... still sitting on our counter... must cut up!

  2. The cat camera- MEOW!
    I'm such a bag lady, that mulberry bag is perfect- in size, shape and colour!
    Love the list :)

  3. every singlepicture on this list makes me so happy!!!!!!



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