Exciting News!

A lot of excitement has been building since I tweeted yesterday (ok a tiny bit of excitement but I like to pretend it was lots) and the exciting news is...WE ARE GETTING A PUPPY!

As anyone who follows me or my mum on twitter will know we have been considering getting a puppy for a few months and after much searching we finally found the perfect pup. He is an apricot Maltipoo, a cross breed between a Maltese and a Poodle. At the moment he looks a lot like a rat but on the 12th of june (9 days before my birthday) he will be ours!! We already have three cats but this is our first dog (and its going to be mine) and I am so excited I cant even breathe! If you have any tips for getting a new puppy or any name suggestions pleeease comment or tweet me! Also... in true teenage granny style I am knitting the new puppy a patchwork blanket so I will post pictures as it comes together.

The Puppys Mum and Dad:

And my other bit of exciting news is that I have had an idea to start a twitter knitting club! I think it will be so much fun and already loads of people have said they are interested. It will be fun not only because knitting is awsome but also because there are about 10,000 funny names we could call it (knit-twit, knitter, twitkniters, etc.)

We could all get together (online), pick a pattern and work on it at the same time, tweeting and posting pictures of our progress.

If you are interested PLEASE comment or better yet tweet me (@scarlyKFcurits) and we can hopefully get it started this week. Maybe we could all start with a patchwork blanket as it is really easy.

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend and MASSIVE good luck to all the moonwalkers (my madre included)

Love Scarlett the soon to be Twit-Knit Club inventor and puppy owner.


  1. Hello!

    Wow! THAT is exciting news... Congratulations!

    We have a scruffy mongrel called Princess Megara (after Disney Hercules film)although we just call her Meg, she is now 13! and is a bit deaf and snores reeeeeeeally loud but she is SO part of the family ...

    My top puppy (and toddlers) training tips: be consistent. Mean what you say and say what you mean. If he/she is not allowed on the sofa etc then you cant ever ever let it on the sofa. And to have a well trained dog you have to be firm, it has to know that YOU are the boss of it... cause if he doesn't know that then he/she will just assume that they are the boss of you , in which case you are in for a lifetime of chewed stuff, puddles on the carpet and a badly behaved dog... last of all... enjoy every minute! Your little fluff ball will honestly be your very best friend.

    Love Elaine (mrazda71)

  2. Oh, what a cutie. We have a Maltalier - Maltese x Cavalier King Charles. Great dogs, really loyal and sweet.

    Good luck.

  3. Yay for puppies :) Advice - take lots of pics and play with him lots, he won't stay small and cute forever!!
    And YES to the twitter knitting club - as long as we start with easy, I have only ever knitted some scarves and a hat!
    Robyn x (@robynberry22)


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